like for my topic to be: People Living with HIV/AIDS -I also would like for it to speak more from individuals from LOUISIANA -Please, Please, Please make sure that the paper is APA FORMAT:MY TEACHER IS VERY BIG ON THAT!! -I also work with Volunteers of America and the program I work with is called HOPWA SO PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFO.YOU CAN FIND MORE ABOUT IT ON THE HUD WEBSITE AND IF YOU GOOGLE IT. -PLEASE USE 6 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES

Assignment 1 – Due Feb 15, 2022 Assignment 1 – 25 Points TOPIC: People Living with HIV/AIDS Assignments: One Academic Term Paper completed in two parts. Each paper is to be between 6-8 pages in length with a minimum of 6 scholarly references. Students select from one of the unit areas a particular issue that they will design an intervention-prevention/rehabilitative effort. Any one of the topics listed in the text’s table of contents is appropriate. Please send me an email with your selected topic for approval no later than February 3, 2022. Please contact me if you have questions regarding your topic. A statistical portrait of the subject area selected in a specific city and state geographic area. Based on the statistical portrait, identify and discuss the protective risk/resilience nature of the subject area. This includes a description of the area(s) targeted for intervention as well as what features of resilience can be observed.[supanova_question]

Using the Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS) website or

Using the Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS) website or the California department of education website, choose one English language (ELL) proficiency standard from each of the following sections:

Listening and speaking
For each standard, complete the “English Language Proficiency Chart” by including the following:

The ELP standard
The correlating language arts standards or Common Core Standard
The teaching activity

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

All ELP standards must be clearly and accurately represented and appropriate for the domain in which they are listed.

All of the ELA standards must appropriately correlate with the ELP standards and are clearly and accurately represented.

The teaching activities should directly align with both the ELP and ELA standards and could realistically be carried out in an educational setting.

The content should be well-organized and logical. There is a sequential progression of ideas that relate to each other. The content is presented as a cohesive unit and will provide the audience with a clear sense of the main idea.

No mechanical errors should be present. Appropriate language choice and sentence structure are to be used throughout.[supanova_question]

Find an article from Dan Kahan’s blog: (or from the

Find an article from Dan Kahan’s blog:
(or from the official websites like “New York Times”, “The Washington Post””, “UN News”, etc) about climate, social science, and the environment which was published in recent years. Refer to the template then write an article review.[supanova_question]

Please give me three powerpoint slides with a cited page on Essay

Writing Assignment Help Please give me three powerpoint slides with a cited page on Athena the Greek Goddess. My presentation is for three minutes so please give me some notes so I can elaborate on the bullets. Thank you [supanova_question]

a story of your choice may have influenced Anna-Marie McLemore in the writing of Blanca

Your task is to write an essay about Blanca [supanova_question]

is for ethics in business and Society class. And I uploaded the two different links for the reading materials in the attachment. (Please check and see if you can access the links) I also uploaded the case “Here comes the Judge” in the attachment. The only materials that can be used are the ones I attached.

Please review the case entitled “Here Comes the Judge” and address the following: 1. Please evaluate the case and identify the various descriptive claims. At a minimum, you should identify at least two descriptive claims. Evaluate the situation from both the judge as an individual and then from his professional perspective. Are they one in the same? Should they be? Why or why not? Please be specific and provide examples. 2. Then apply the normative claims for each of the descriptive claims selected. As a minimum, there should be at least two normative claims for each descriptive claim. Note that the normative claims may not be stated directly but could be implied. Please be specific and provide examples. 3. It is recommended that you identify your descriptive and appropriate normative claims with subheadings in your paper. For example, something like this: a. Descriptive Claim 1 i. Normative Claim I ii. Normative Claim ll b. Descriptive Claim 2 i. Normative Claim I ii. Normative Claim II 4. Next, look at the situation from an ethical versus conventional norm perspective (e.g. the unwritten rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society such as laws, etiquette, etc.). What is the difference? Please explain. What is the right thing to do in this situation and why? Make sure you can back up your position/decision using our class readings. Do not use non-class provided sources to support your arguments![supanova_question]