“Let’s Talk Sports” Final Project

Examples might bean NBA All-Star Game, the Olympics or a Canadian Open Golf Tournament. a) Explain why that city makes sense for this one-time event. What are the keycharacteristics of the city that will make your event a success Are there factors regardingthe city that makes the event more likely to succeed? (25 pts)b) Is there anything particular about Canada, that you can capitalize on, that would makethis event a success? (10 pts)c) Detail the factors for success of the event; location, timing, weather, population/market,media etc., and how they will all contribute. (15 pts)d) Discuss involvement from the local business community, and how that could make theevent a success. (15 pts)e) What are some obstacles to your success, and how will you overcome them? (15 pts)f) Give examples of similar events held in other Canadian cities, how this is relevant to yourevent, and what you might learn from them. (20 pts)To summarize, you need to research what event makes sense for your location of choice,and present a convincing case that this event will be a success.