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Johnson case study 24

Case 24 Johnson

Answer and explain your answer for all six questions in detail.

Answer and explain your answer for all six questions in detail. Responses to midterm questions must include CITATIONS (in any format you choose), both in text and as a full citation at the end of your answer. The information included in answer, such as data, statistics, facts, and quotes, that are not cited will be considered plagiarized and the student will not receive credit for that question. Please use only reputable, factual sources. Including information from highly partisan or sources that are not academically rigorous will result in few to no points awarded.

Mid-term Exam Document Format:
1-inch margins all around
12-point normal font (e.g. Times New Roman, not Italic, not bolded or scriipt)
Heading on the upper left-hand side should include the following information:
Your First and Last Name
Student ID #
Course and Section Number
Title of the assignment, BMGT 1301 Mid-term Exam (centered on the page, two spaces down from the date)
Answering Questions:
Double space this section of the document
Label and answer each question separately
Answer all the questions
Answers should be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.
Answers should be complete and contain textual evidence to support your answer. Including evidence, gathered from the original source or other texts, that supports your argument. Such evidence can be found in the form of a quotation, paraphrased material, and descriiptions of the text citations to support your answer.

Assignment on Updating Marsh’s 1987 Marsh Style Guide

Business Assignment Help I have below Included multiple attachments that outline the assignment. The Overall Project Guidelines.docx list all the main instructions of the assignment. The Marsh Style Guide.docx is the style guide that has been proposed for updating. And the sample report pdf is the best example to use outlining this research paper but do not copy any information directly from it just the design. (Also please ignore any visual Headings/ dedicated title page as that will be added at a later date) You can also find some links to current company style guidelines at the bottom of the overall guidelines.docx, however use of these is optional.

and unethical decision of using roundup

a. Describe at least 2 leaders from an ethical position (using the ethics theories). Present at
least 2 arguments for each position, explain each argument and support each argument with
2 research sources.
b. Describe counter-arguments (or the unethical position), support the counterarguments with
research, explain the counterargument, support the counterargument with research.
c. Answer Question 2: Is myopic (narrow-minded) thinking responsible for the issue?

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