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IT355 Software Testing, Documentation and Quality Assurance Summer 2017 Assignment 3 –

IT355 Software Testing, Documentation and Quality Assurance

Summer 2017

Assignment 3 – Test Case/Scenario  Documentation

Students must prepare a comprehensive Test Case Report for the “What-IF GPA Calculator” application in full compliance with all the requirements listed below. You need to include at least 15 tests using at least two different techniques for black box testing and at least three different non-functional tests. The test should be a combination of valid and invalid scenarios.

The system is being designed as a multi-platform mobile application with appropriate security to protect the student’s personal data.

The document should include:

Title Page (title of document, your name, date, draft/final)

Table of Contents (with page numbers, automatically generated).

Description of the application (who, what, where, how): two to three paragraphs.

Description of the test environment to be used for the test (type of equipment, operating systems, etc.).

Summary of the test types planned and the purpose of the testing. Provide a description of the test type and why it is significant for this application.

A budget for the testing: estimate the level of effort (number of hours) that you think it will take to complete the testing (assume only 1 tester is available), including any assumptions you have made in making this estimate. Remember testing usually involves more than one cycle. The loaded rate for the tester is $60,000 per year (2048 hours) and the overhead rate is 49%. Provide an estimate for the total cost of the testing.

Entrance and exit criteria

Test cases: List of test scenarios and test cases in a table (formatted correctly with an embedded Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft table) including the following columns:

A sequential number.

The type of test (e.g., functional or non-functional) and within that the specific type. (e.g., boundary, black box)

The test scenario (what function or code are you testing)

The data that you will enter to test this scenario (should include both a passing and a failing test case for each test scenario).

The expected result (if the system was working correctly).

A column for test results and a column for status (these are both blank).

The test cases should be presented in the order they will be run, with the functional before the non-functional. RESULTS ARE NOT REQUIRED

The document should include at least at least 15 test cases. A glossary of terms should be appended to show the main terms that you have used in the document (at least 5 terms and their meaning).

 Sources of any other information used must be referenced.

 Pages must be numbered and must include your name on each page. The description of the application must be page 1. The name of the application should be included as a header.


Your report will be evaluated in each of the following ways:

Your test cases must be comprehensive and cover all of the functionality of the application (15 test cases is just a guideline). Read the requirements below carefully to find all the pieces of the application.

Your test cases and test scenarios must be clear and complete and they must be detailed enough so that they can be run by a tester other than yourself or in an automated environment. Test inputs must be very specific e.g., enter 90 not between 90 and 100.

Section 1 through 7 must be written in complete sentences and be grammatically correct in the third person.

Your test cases in Section 8 may be written in bullet form but must be written in good formal English (no contractions, etc.) and must be readable. If you Excel to format, attach the Excel spreadsheet separately.

You must follow the instructions in the report format EXACTLY, it is a company standard.

You have the flexibility to “design” the document (e.g., typeface, font size, but your style must be consistent throughout the entire document and must be readable for the tester who will be conducting the tests later.

Your submission must be timely in terms of the deadline given in the syllabus.

You should spellcheck all parts of the document and auto-generate the table of contents.

Header and page number are required

Draft must be noted as such on the cover page.

Requirements Specified for Application

Develop a Web application to collect data for a student’s midterm grades in a specific semester as a new function on the Starfish application. The specific page should include the university’s logo.

The student first enters their name, their student ID, their degree, and the semester. The application checks the Starfish application and displays the number and names of all classes that they have enrolled in.

The student should next be able to enter the either the actual or projected mif-term grades for each of these courses. The grades are entered as a number between 0 and 100, all other grades are rejected with an appropriate error message. All grades must be entered.

The system calculates the overall GPA (e.g. 3.4) for the student and determines whether they are eligible to be included on the Dean’s List (grade of 3.4 or above) based on these grades. A special complimentary message is shown if the grade is above 3.8. The application also gives a warning message if the student has a GPA of less than 2.0, advising them to seek support from the CTL to improve their grades before the end of the semester.

The application displays each grade as a letter where A = 90-100, B = 80-89,
C = 70-79, D= 60-69 and otherwise the value is F. The application also summarizes the semester by displaying the student’s name, the semester, the overall GPA and any relevant comment (Dean’s List potential, “Congratulations!!”  or “Warning – Seek Help from CTL”). The use should be able to print these results in a highly readable form.

The student can go in and modify the grades entered to be what-if scenarios, what if I get 90 in this course? The messages are then recalculated.

The grades entered and the result of each attempt is saved on their Starfish record.

Also, make sure that the developers name and comments are in the code. The application must include the application name and the version number is at the bottom of each screen.


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