Interview reflection paper

Written reflection/assignment will include:LINK to UNLISTED VIDEOReflect on areas of strengths and areas for improvement from your videoDescribe specific practice skills that you observed yourself using effectively, and what skill sets were most challenging?In what ways did your professional identity (those skills, roles, identities expected by the profession) develop through the course/semester?Review skill identification table – reflect upon the concepts of rationale and reflection as professional skills. What was your experience with having to make choices during your interview? What challenges come with this process? What opportunities?Compare your Pre-Confidence Scale with your Post Confidence scale. What changes in skill development do you identify? If you notice changes, why do you think those changes occurred.How did you utilize the professional feedback given to you by your instructor in video #1?As you started the journey this semester – you completed a critical reflection of your identities and positionality. Finn (2021) notes this essential first step in just practice. You are still likely at the beginning of this journey – that is okay! As you complete this semester and celebrate your accomplishments, reflect upon the following and reflect on where you are in your journey now (remember assignment 1) with specific attention to practice for just practice:What new insights have you gained over the semester in this area?What are the implications as you see them now of your identities/positionality for your social work practice?Submission will be:Include and follow APA (see 7th) – title page, page numbers (upper right-hand corner), headings, citations/references if applicable (include an outside source) – title/reference page not included in page limitAPA also includes:Use of 12-point Times New Roman or 11 point Georgia, Arial, or Calibridouble-spaced, 1” marginsPage limits (no more than 8 pages total for reflection)Attach separately or include at the end of your document the skill identification table and post confidence scaleQuality writing is an expectation in the social work profession, so make sure to proofread your paper before submitting it. Instructor may deduct (up to 5%) assignment points – for this assignment focus on correct spelling, typos, and illogical sentences. No points deducted on this assignment for APA and you will work to incorporate APA publication rules.Ok so in the begining on the semester we did a baseline interview which is like a beginer interview and we had a partner and one of us was the social worker and one was the client and we each talked about a topic and went back and forth asking questions about the topic and discussing how to fix it and thias is the same thing this is the final interview which is longer in length and more bigger and worth our whole grade and my partner talked about boundaries and i talked about stress and this paper is going over the interview plus adding in everything we learned about the class and all the oints we discussed all into one its a huge final semester paper.I will sent over the interview video as well as we also have to do a confidence scale and i hope i can just add this to my order or i have to do seperate i dont know?? I waited last minute to do this because k didnt have the money but know i do but hope you can get all this done in a short time frame! My grade depends on this!!! Make it good!: Complete the Post-Interviewing Skills Confidence Scale to identify how confident you feel to perform the interviewing skills after taking GP I.