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Instructions 1. Required: Open and use this template for this week’s


1. Required: Open and use this template for this week’s Excel assignment: Excel Assignment TemplateLinks to an external site..

2. Apply the following steps in formatting to each specified sheet in the Excel template.

3. You can print the list below and use it as a check-off list if you think it might help.

Sheet 1 (This sheet will be blank when you open the template.)

Rename Sheet 1 to ‘Data.’
Title columns A-C: Name, Date, and Amount.
In column A, list the last names of 8 fictional patients.
In column B, enter a random date for each patient.
In column C, enter a random amount of medication for each patient.
Alphabetize the patient’s last names in A-Z sort order.
Insert a new column between columns A and B. This does not have to be populated with data, but it can be used for patient first names.
Insert a new row within the middle of your list. This does not have to be populated with data, but it can be.
Apply center alignment on all cells with data in them.
Change the Font in all cells that contain data – do not use Times New Roman or Calibri.
Use the Border tool to create a definition around a cell within your sheet.
Choose a Fill color for your column and row titles.
Autofit the width and height of all cells with data in them, so all data is clearly visible.
Meds sheet

Remove the formatting from cell D5 on the Meds sheet so that cell D5 appears like the other cells in the sheet.
Use the SUM function to find the sum of the numbers in column D.
Use the AVG function to find the average of the numbers in column D.
Place the third formula (e.g., MAX, MIN, COUNT) in a non-adjacent cell. (Links to an external site.)
BMI sheet

Enter random weight amounts in cells B7:B11. The colon means all, all cells from B7 through B11. Every row.
Enter random height amounts in cells C7:C11. The colon means all, all cells from C7 through C11. Every row.
Copy and paste the BMI formula into cells D7:D11. You can use an Excel drag-and-drop feature to copy and paste the BMI formula; see A Faster Way to Use the Fill Handle (Links to an external site.) video for assistance.
Once the formula is copied, highlight cells B2:D11 and create a comparison chart.
BP sheet

Insert an Excel chart (graph) of your choice using the blood pressure data provided on this sheet.
Apply at least three customization formats to your chart. List the three customizations you implemented in a cell near the chart.
Sheet 5

Delete Sheet 5.
Saving Your Work

Save as excel_practice_lastname.xlsx (e.g., “excel_practice_smith.xlsx”).
Your submission this week will be an Excel workbook (.xls, .xltx, or .xlsx).

Urinary Tract Infections Why is prevention important and how can they be prevented?

In Unit 6, the various ways to put evidence into practice is presented. One way to guide this process is the use of the Iowa model, which focuses on justifying and implementing a change in clinical practice.

Pick a clinical practice change you would like to see in your workplace and apply the Iowa Model steps to this change. Assume the topic is a priority and there is an adequate research base.

Include the following in your discussion post:

Specify and describe the outcome to be achieved based on the clinical practice change you selected.
Provide details on how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the change.
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Identify and explain the theoretical framework chosen by the author and

Nursing Assignment Help Identify and explain the theoretical framework chosen by the author and how it guides the research design. Identify whether the research design is qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. Explain why the method chosen is/is not the best fit for the aim of the research.

An example of an article critique is attached, use that as your guideline.
Subtitle or Section:
1) Topic. 2) Statement of the problem 3) Research question 4) review of the literature 5) Method. 6) results and conclusions. (you can add your opinion of the article under the subheading of “My Opinion” if you want. That section will not be graded.
Example of an article critique is attached and labeled.
Article to be critiqued is attached and labeled.

A 77, year old woman is hospitalized for management of her

A 77, year old woman is hospitalized for management of her diabetes. She has a history of functional urinary incontinence and poor vision from the diabetes. The nursing staff observes her climbing over the side rails on numerous occasions at night en route to the bathroom. She is quite agitated during this time. The nursing assistant requests that you obtain an order for a body restraint at night to prevent her from falling out of bed.
Part 1:
• The original post must be at least 200 – 300 words in length
• Should this patient be restrained to prevent injury?
• Would you request the order for a body restraint? Why, or why not?
• What other information is relevant to this case?
• What nursing interventions could be tried before considering a restraint?


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