Industrial Marketing

Description: Students must read the given TaKaDu case study and

write a 400 to 500-word summary of the situation.Case Study and Assignment Brief attatched! Task 2.1 is to be completed.[supanova_question]

Company Information

Background information. Include brief information (max 2 pages long) about the age, size, location of the two companies; highlights of their development and anything that makes them unique. Companies are: McDonald’s Corporation and Wendy’s Company. Please cite all outside sources.

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Business Question

Industrial Marketing Business Assignment Help I want original answers without plagiarism, no plagiarism, (please make it 0 percentage).
– Use APA style of referencing, use 4 references or more.
– Please follow all instructions, you can find them in the file.
Hirt, G., and Block, S. (2008). Fundamentals of investment management (9th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
Bodie, Z., Kane, A., and Marcus, A. (2013). Essentials of investments (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Finance Group Discussion

Start reading the document attached, with annotations that add value to the discussion. You should respond thoughtfully to others in your discussion group. Reflective comments over the discussion period improves the score and quality of your engagement.
Topics that may help you begin, but not limit a discussion with your teammates are:

Would you include the feasibility study by SED in the capital budgeting analysis?
Identify and evaluate the environmental advantages (disadvantages) of the wind turbine project. Do these factors have financial implications on the firm?
Explain how the acceptance or rejection of this project could impact discounted cash flow valuation in a capital budgeting decision affects a firm’s financial condition and growth.
How does your assessment of the capital budgeting decision differ when using the NPV and IRR analysis.
3 comments highlighting the document and discussing it. (make sure its very descriptive) (not less than 80 words)
3 comments responding to other students discussion. (other students discussion will be sent in the chat)