In depth analysis of a geriatric syndrome

Please read the requirements and my comments carefully. Note:( ( issues/challenges commonly experienced by older people in relation to falls are listed in the table in page 4 of the requirements  file.)[supanova_question]

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.


Read the textbook chapter 11. Link the textbook- For the instructions

Read the textbook chapter 11. Link the textbook-
For the instructions of what is required from the writer and how to create the meme and explanations open and read very carefully the docx file “FA21 Meme instructions-1.docx” For you to understand better the instructions I will provide the samples of memes and explanations in the file ” SOC121memesamples.pdf”. Examples #1 and #2 are good examples, but example #3 shows how this assignment should NOT be done. Include proper in-text citation and definition from the textbook provided. In-text citation (author, page number). Full citation on the reference page. TIme New Romance, 12 points font size, double spacing, a concept in the bold front.

Temperament and Attachment Essay

Writing Assignment Help Discuss/define the three broad types of temperament. Each child is born with a unique Temperament.
Discuss/define attachment and its connection to others.
How are temperament and attachment connected? Consider and discuss the relationship between a child’s temperament and the way that attachments are built, and the growth and challenges of developing attachments with parents and caregivers.
Consider how temperament might affect attachment and separation anxiety.
Consider how you might support attachment for yourself or a parent based on what you know of a child’s temperament.
How might you help a parent who may be struggling with attachment.
Consider watching the video in our Connect library “Toddler “Checking In” while Playing with Chairs” – Observation Video 5 to help with your connection between temperament, attachment, and separation anxiety. [supanova_question]

Hello , I have to redo a midterm ,. You will

Hello ,

I have to redo a midterm ,. You will need to answer each section. I have received feedback from my teacher on why points were taken off. Please review the rubric and comments from teacher. As you can see the first part of the paper I received a decent grade . You can mainly focus on low score to improve . you can use the midterm assessment to enter the new information.

Here is the link to video- I will not have a chance to re record a new video[supanova_question]

Principles in Action for Chapter 13 on pages 298-299.

Read the Principles in Action for Chapter 13 on pages 298-299.

In our discussion/reflection:

Consider what messages Kaleb is receiving from the caregiver and director.
How might the substitute’s actions/behaviors influenced Kaleb’s ideas (self-concept) about himself?
Consider J. Ronald Lally’s list above, what messages are the substitute’s action teaching Kaleb?
Should the director have done more?
How do you think the substitute might have responded if the director confronted the sub with her observations of the interaction?
How might you have responded as either the substitute or director?
How did you feel about this scene?