I received this by another writer a few days ago. They did an amazing job. However I just realized

I received this by another writer a few days ago. They did an amazing job. However I just realized one part was missing from the report. Since it is less than 24 hours, I could not request them, so I was wondering if you could help me with one part. I just need somewhere near a page about how this report is relevant to my intermediate accounting 2 course. I have uploaded everything you’ll need below as well as the course content so you can have a look at it too. thanks very much[supanova_question]

Critical Thinking 12

omplete the following questions using Microsoft Excel. No other submission format is allowed. Review the grading rubric to confirm you are meeting the assignment requirements.

Paderborn Industries is considering two investment projects. The estimated cash flow in SARs for each project is as follows:

YearPlant Expansion
Retail Store Expansion

The company has decided that the appropriate discount rate is 10%.
Calculate the payback for each project (to 3 decimal points).
Calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) for each project.
Calculate the Present Value Index (PI) for each project (round to 3 decimal places).
Calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for each project (Round to 2 decimal places).
Advise management on which, if either, project to pursue and why.
*************You must show all your work for credit.
Kindly, can you please put the answers with cells formulas and write the steps formulas for each question and make sure to clear each question alone either in a side or different tab. and highlite the givens or color them

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1. Review the IRS webinar on Small Business Taxes Lesson 1

I received this by another writer a few days ago. They did an amazing job. However I just realized Accounting Assignment Help 1. Review the IRS webinar on Small Business Taxes Lesson 1 at https://www.irsvideos.gov/Business/SmallBusinessWeek/virtualworkshop/Lesson1 (you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser). Identify what you found interesting about this video and give an example of how you would apply what you leaned to a new client you just acquired that is opening a new business and wants to know which type of business to open. Take into consideration any new changes passed within the most recent tax reform, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) beginning in 2018, which adds a new qualified business income deduction (section 199A) for pass-through entities. Be sure to support your comments with information you find in the library or in the IRS code.

2. During its prior tax year, your client acquired from a third party a license granted by the federal government. The client tells you that he/she believes that the license has a useful life of 8 years and produces a report, prepared by another firm, supporting that useful life. You look at the report and do not believe that it is very convincing. Discuss how you would handle this situation keeping in mind any ethical and professional considerations. What are the penalty risks to your client and your own firm if you rely on this report?Be sure to back up your opinion with articles from the Keiser University library and Treasury Department Circular No. 230.[supanova_question]

ACC 550 Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric Overview: The final project

ACC 550 Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: The final project for this course is the creation of a quantitative analysis that includes an Excel spreadsheet accompanied by a memo to management.
Accountants provide management with the logistics of the business that are crucial for daily operations and a company’s overall success. In any business, it is of
the utmost importance to be aware of all finances and internal processes. Cost accountants focus solely on the internal processes of a business and are tasked
with eliminating any unnecessary costs in order to maximize profits.
For the final project, you have been tasked with conducting a quantitative analysis that looks into the internal processes of a company. Based on your analysis,
you will formulate recommendations to management that aim to improve internal processes and increase profits for the company.
Prompt: For this milestone, submit a draft of the alternative costing method section of the final project (Section IV), including all of critical elements listed below.
Refer to the Hampshire Company Case Study document, as this provides details on how to complete this milestone. All calculations for your quantitative analysis
should be completed in the Hampshire Company Spreadsheet. You will provide a rough draft of your qualitative analysis in a Word document.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
IV. Alternative Costing Method
There are various costing methods available for companies to implement. As a company grows, it may become beneficial to consider an alternate costing
A. Identify an alternative costing method that could benefit this company, and describe the main characteristics of that method.
B. What should a company look for when trying to determine whether they should adopt such a system?
C. Should the company adopt this alternative costing method? Defend your response.
If you would like a refresher course on using various features of Excel, sign in to Infobase and type “Excel” in the search box. This will provide you with options to
select the specific level of training that you need (intro, intermediate, or advanced) and the specific version of Excel that you have. The trainings are broken down
into small, meaningful chunks. Therefore, you should be able to find specific topics at each level that will meet your needs.
Please I need you answer to the questions A, B, and C. I have all calculations on excel sheet ready. Do not share please if you use sources from internet I will get an F. APA format please.[supanova_question]