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I. Prepare a Professional Fact Sheet on the Issue: A Patient With

I. Prepare a Professional Fact Sheet on the Issue: A Patient With COVID-19 Is Left Behind As Care Goes Virtual


Preparing a One-Page Evidence-Informed Fact Sheet…. Details on p 46 of the Recommended Book.

Focus on your policy problem (Health equity- Treatment Inequalities) for which there may or may not be pending legislation. See below legistation

Refer to Learning Activity 8.5 of the Recommended Book page 46.

Paper Outline:

Title of the testimony

Who you are – (don’t forget to mention nurses are the most trusted health professionals)!

Why you are here to testify (you might reflect back to the clinical concern DB1 narrative)

Your position on your policy problem for which there may/may not have pending legislation

Present the problem statement

Key facts from your fact sheet

Your recommendation and the impact of this recommendation on the problem

Infographics are powerful sources of information for a one-page fact sheet.

Keep in mind, this professional fact sheet will help inform the background of the Policy Analysis. Working on your Fact Sheet will strengthen the Background section of your policy appraisal and your testimony.

Recommended Book:

Loversidge, J., & Zurmehly, J. (2019). Evidence-Informed health policy: Using EBP to transform policy in nursing and healthcare. Indiana: Dustin Sullivan. ISBN 97819480557202

Legislation (2021). H.R.688 – Equal Access to Care Act. Retrieved from;

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