Hi, okay so basically the entire project is completed. I was Essay

Hi, okay so basically the entire project is completed. I was supposed to create the perfect classroom (no rules, just what an ideal classroom is) and I did. I submitted it to the professor and she loved it but needs me to include references and information from our textbook – all i need is for you to add some info in each slide that shows information from the textbooks.

I provided the textbooks.

the professor wants the slides to be minimal, all the information is in the “notes” section of the powerpoint, please add you information there![supanova_question]

Note that the question only implies the bonds have the same

Note that the question only implies the bonds have the same
yields and bond ratings. There are the additional issues of
liquidity, duration, convexity, and interest rate risk. To give a
complete answer to this question, the A-student will be able to
repeat the discussion of determinants of bond yields in Section 7.7[supanova_question]

Using the business case attached , prepare a solution recommended and

Using the business case attached , prepare a solution recommended and associated cost/ benefit analysis for the business case study. Financial figures to be used for costs and benefits are of your choosing but should be relevant to the solution recommendation.[supanova_question]

The following worksheet asks you to examine the concept of translating

Writing Assignment Help The following worksheet asks you to examine the concept of translating research as it manifests in the assigned readings for this week. You will be graded out of 1 point for thoroughness and completion. You should download the worksheet, fill it out, and upload the completed document.


The final draft of Assignment #7 is not due until Module

The final draft of Assignment #7 is not due until Module 9, but you will need a draft completed during Module 7 to submit for peer review. Please be mindful of the due date and work ahead accordingly. And remember, you are writing from the perspective of the Ministry of Health, so please assume that voice when writing your final proposal (see actual draft proposals for a sense of tone and language if you have questions). Please use reputable sources, like the World Bank, IMF, IHME, or other UN agencies such as the WHO, IOM, ILO, etc. In general, websites that end in “.org” are better than for-profit companies whose websites end in “.com” or “.net”.

Instructions: Compile the information below in a final proposal to The Global Fund as if you were a representative from your country’s Ministry or Department of Health (do not write in the first person). It should be written as a cohesive essay that describes the comprehensive program you have developed to improve health outcomes for your chosen disease.

Your proposal should be about 3,000 words long (including references). Your final report will have seven sections. Please number those sections according to the outline below, and format your proposal with section headers so it is easy to read. Your job with this assignment is to define and defend your approach, specifically detailing what you want to do and why it is meaningful/fits within the Global Fund parameters. We encourage you to use both quantitative and qualitative data, and cite sources to support your proposal.

Introduction: Provide a brief (250-word maximum) introduction to your overall plan and strategy for your proposed program. Discuss economic, political, and social issues that contribute to or limit the current situation. Include a history of the burden of disease (including improvements) and a discussion of current issues including internal obstacles and external obligations the country faces.
Goals and logic model (Written narrative, 250-350 words): Revisit the goals and logic model plan that you developed in Assignment #3. If you’ve made changes, explain and justify those changes. Then write a brief narrative (250-350 words) that describes what you aim to accomplish organized by the 4 S’s. Explain why you have chosen to design the intervention you have, what you hope to accomplish, and why you think this is what the country needs right now. Include a copy of your logic model table in the final assignment, and the narrative describing the above.
Link to Policies and Programs (250-350 words): Describe how the goals and objectives add to or complement activities already undertaken by the government, external donors, the private sector or other relevant partners (e.g., do they build on or scale?up existing programs; do the goals and impacts aim to fill existing gaps in national programs; does the proposal fit within the National Plan; is there a clear link between the goal(s) and broader development policies and programs such as Poverty Reduction Strategies or Sector?Wide Approaches, etc.).
Issues (minimum 150 words for each issue): Your proposal should describe how the goal(s) address the following issues (1 paragraph per item):
Involvement of the beneficiaries of the program (E.g., are people with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, TB, or malaria involved in planning and oversight?).
Community participation (Does the project encourage broad community participation in design and evaluation? How?).
Gender equality issues (How do the goals promote gender equity in your chosen country?).
Social equality issues (How does the project promote equality in your chosen country?).
Human resources development (How does the project promote the development of human resources broadly? Hint: think diagonalization).
Potential opposition (minimum 200 words): Discuss limitations, obstacles, and potential opposition (donors, other stakeholders, stigma) to the plan. How will you address these limitations, obstacles, and oppositions? Do not cite funding as a potential limitation, as this is an application to the Global Fund and it is assumed you will have the funding.
Impact if not implemented (250 word maximum): Explain the consequences of not implementing your proposal. What would be some possible negative long-term outcomes if your proposal was not funded? (Meaning: why is this proposal critical to fund?).
References: Include a list of references in APA Style. See APA citation style guide here.

To support your success on the final assignment, below we have provided strong submissions of Global Fund assignments from your peers this quarter (we will add assignment #5 after it has been graded and released). These are intended as models for you to follow, but what you submit does not need to mirror these examples. We care most about seeing your own independent ideas and proposals.[supanova_question]

Social Media Has on Today’s Adolescents

I am an intern currently working at a local high school that is very diverse and it is made up of Hispanics/ Blacks/ Asian/ Pacific- Asians and Whites
and I counsel these kids with various behavioral issues and social issues. I recently wrote a paper on “mental impact social media has on today’s adolescence” this is the third part and it must include two theories. The theories I’ve chose are “LIfespan Development Theory” and “Phenomenology/Social Constructionism Theory”. I also need a Scholary Article pertaining to the topic with NO passwords to open and a Reference page. Please include a Flowchart. This paper must be in WORD FORMAT and I should be able to edit if needed.

Sub-heading 1: Introduction
1. What are you reviewing (topic, theme, issue, problem, etc.) and explain why you chose it for this assignment. **This is not
necessarily the title of your chosen article. Here you are briefly discussing the overarching topic, theme, issues, problem, etc. that
seems to be somewhat massive in scope (macro level).

2. Explain why you believe this (topic, theme, issue, problem etc.) falls into social work’s scope? What makes the social work
profession and its practitioners best suited to address this (topic, theme, issue, problem etc.) above and beyond other professions?
**Think about and integrate the principles and values social work is built upon as you address this section.
3. Succinctly describe the population most impacted and why? How does this population or sub-population fit in with your field
Sub-heading 2: Body
4. Summarize what your chosen article is about and its relevance to the identified population.
5. Identify and provide descriiptions of the two theories you selected; discuss each theory’s primary assumptions. Explain how and
why you decided on these two theories. **The two theories for each assignment are to be selected from the appropriate sections
indicated above in the formatting section.
6 Discuss what each of these theories interpret, predict, clarify, and/or conclude about human behavior in the context of the selected
topic, theme, issue, problem, etc. Address what these theories have to say about the resultant human behavior. **This section
should be based on information from your text. It is up to you to determine whether your selected theories can interpret, predict,
clarify and/or conclude; you don’t have to address all four avenues. Feel free to incorporate additional sources here if they assist
in being able to better explain your chosen theories and observable and/or anticipated human behavior, be sure to cite and list
them on the reference page.
Sub-heading 3: Conclusion
7. Discuss at minimum one strength and one limitation of EACH of your two selected theories and why these strengths/limitations
exist. **This information should specifically be about the theory and the way it is constructed or empirically supported. Identify
and discuss to what extent each observed strength and limitation influences each theory’s ability to interpret, predict, clarify, and/or
conclude about human behavior in this context. **You do not have to address all four areas underlined.
8. For each theory, format your topic, theme, issue, problem, etc., impacted population or individual to the appropriate flowcharts.
**Construct this as two visual diagrams as outlined in the text. Use information you have researched to briefly fill in each section
of the flowchart. Take the direction in your flowchart you believe most appropriate based on what you know and go as far as you
can based on the route you take. Attach them to the back of your paper right before your reference page.[supanova_question]