Healthcare Acquired Infections Essay

This assignment will assist you with the information needed to complete the MSN project manuscript for dissemination. In this assignment you will complete the final section of your MSN project manuscript, Translation to Practice and Evaluation, as well as the Executive Summary. In the final section of the MSN Project Manuscript the student will include information on:

Data Collection Methods,
Dissemination, and
Conclusion of Project.

Make sure to include your sections I-V that you have already completed. You will be adding on to you original document that you submitted in Modules 2 and 4.
Include your completed Executive Summary in your MSN-Project Manuscript after the title page.
Make sure to include all requested appendices. This part of the assignment that you are required to do will be the first page of provided template and last section which is section 6 of provided template. I will send attached the template, rubric and research paper that I have already done and you will simply add these sections to that paper. If you have any questions please let me know. Please strictly abide by rubric.[supanova_question]

Public Health Question

Before writing your paper, you must have your topic approved by the instructor.
Drug Paper Guidelines
Drug Paper GuidelinesTopic
The paper is to consist of your research on a specific drug or class of drugs. There are some suggestions listed below, however, your choice need not be confined to the list. At any rate, please check with the instructor before you begin writing, just to be sure you understand the assignment and to approve your drug topic. You should submit your topic in the Drug paper topic proposal area in the week six area of our class.
The content and grading of the paper include the following:
9 points each, for the following content areas. Type or class.
Related paraphernalia to use it.
Drug(s) name/classification.
Signs/symptoms of use.
Street name(s).
Description of physiological effects. Statistics related to use and abuse.
How it is used/abused.
81 points.

No grammar or spelling errors. Full required length (with no font larger than 12). Title page, reference page (minimum of three sources) and bibliography. 19 points.100 points Total

Length of paper should be 2-3 pages of content, typed and double spaced, with no font larger than 12. Use a cover page with a title and your name. Provide a reference and bibliography page. Use APA or MLA style for citations and reference page. Place it in a Word document (or similar program) and upload the file to this assignment area with the subject heading of Health1 Drug Paper.
Sample topics:
Sample TopicsStimulants DepressantsHallucinogens Club Drugs Amphetamines AlcoholMarijuanaTobaccoSmokeless TobaccoCocaineAnabolic SteroidsMethamphetaminesHeroinInhalants HydrocodoneYour choice does not need to be confined to this list.

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Discussion Post

Healthcare Acquired Infections Essay Religion and Theology Assignment Help Directions:
Upon graduating from college, you are offered jobs in 3 different countries: Australia, Germany, and Japan. You have diabetes so you want to make sure you will be able to have healthcare coverage that will provide you with your insulin, along with any other type of medical care you need. Healthcare coverage is the #1 item you will be analyzing to determine which job you will take.
In your initial post, create a list of the pros and cons with at least 4 items on each side specifically relating to the overall healthcare coverage in Australia, Germany, and Japan.
In your response post, respond to your peer’s postings by:
Building on something said by your peer
Explaining how and why you feel differently
Asking probing questions
Validating an idea with your own experience

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Healthcare Acquired Infections Essay

This is a one page poster presentation. Poster has a professional appearance. Generally, the only images used should be tables or graphs related to results.
Poster must include all of the following elements
Title and author information
Practice Issue and PICOT question
Brief review of literature
Intervention Description
Please see attached template. Please see attached example which this assignment should resemble. Please see attached project paper which information will be used for this assignment. Please abide by attached rubric. Please use graphs and tables based off of information provided to you from attached paper assignment. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.[supanova_question]