Here I have attached a research proposal that was graded by my professor. He also left comments and told us what needed to be fixed. Also, I have attached the rubric and as well the format he is looking for.
Professor feedback: You are asking the research question of whether childhood obesity correlate to nutrition, physical activity, household income, sleep, and life satisfaction. You seem to be also interested in eradicating obesity. What research design have you selected?
These are interesting research questions, yet they are too large or complex. You should divide these problems into smaller, but researchable, subproblems. In addition, some of these associations might have already been revealed and proven by other investigators. For instance, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and lower socioeconomic status have been identified as risk factors for childhood obesity. At any rate, you still have more brainstorming to do. You should go back to the literature to find questions that have been left unresolved, necessitating further investigation. In regards to your research hypothesis, make sure not to ask questions that have been previously answered and not to adopt concepts that have been thoroughly investigated. Remember that in the real world, you would be writing this research proposal to secure grant funding. Your research has to generate new knowledge/associations; otherwise, it will never be funded.
Make sure that your literature review is thorough. You should also discuss the study population and define its characteristics. You should also inform the reader of how you will sample the target population. In addition, make sure that you address the ethical aspects of your research and how you will ensure protection of human rights (we discussed this in chapter 2). Specifically, make sure that you address Institutional Review Board requirements and, certainly, the Informed Consent process. It seems that you plan on enrolling children in your study. Keep this in mind as you discuss written informed consent.
At this phase, you have to operationalize your concepts or phenomena. In other words, you have to define how you will measure the concepts outlined in your research hypothesis, which might not be, otherwise, directly measurable in conventional ways. For instance, think about well-being as a concept of interest. While there is not a direct way to measure well-being, one can operationalize this concept by measuring one or more indicators, such as household income and educational achievements. Others might use more subjective surveys to measure satisfaction and happiness about different facets of well-being. In either way, these indicators can help to make well-being measurable through operationalization, i.e. connecting this concept to other measurable concepts.
Keep in mind that you also have to specify how data will be collected and how you propose to analyze the data. It is possible that your study will generate continuous (numerical) data. Make sure to present these numerical data as statistical summaries, such as measures of central tendency and measures of variability. On the contrary, you may also have to handle categorical (non-numerical) data, such as verbal commentaries about the clinical characteristics and behaviors, etc. Make sure that you select appropriate statistical measures to analyze such data.
You should never pretend that you’ve already executed the study and the data have already been collected. In past times, some groups presented some of the research findings from the literature review as their own. This would be a strong case of plagiarism. You are just proposing your research project and you should not have data of your own.
Finally, I do highly recommend printing a copy of the Research Proposal Rubric (available in the “Research Proposal” folder on Bb). Use the rubric as a guide since it tells you on what categories you will be graded. Make sure to follow the Research Proposal format (also, available on Bb).
If you need further assistance, please e-mail me and try to be as thorough as you can.
Good luck,
Dr. Elchoufani

The requirement for this formal submission is the completion of an abstract to a professional journal or conference. Abstracts

The requirement for this formal submission is the completion of an abstract to a professional
journal or conference. Abstracts must conform to either the Journal of Athletic Training or
Athletic Training Education Journal’s style guide. The topic may be based upon a case study,
survey, or other acceptable content as defined by the author guidelines for contributors.

Please Follow the submission Guidelines from the Journal of Athletic Training. (will upload in files)
Please use Citations from Annotated Bibliography (will upload in files)

MUST BE AMA FORMAT![supanova_question]

Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

Health Religion and Theology Assignment Help Directions: Write about Muhammad’s reception of divine revelation and how it spawned early Muslim communities.

Parameters: No more than two pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. Remember to include a thesis that addresses the main issue of the prompt in your introduction, body paragraphs that support your thesis, and a brief conclusion. Use MLA formatting and citations as needed. Include a cover page and reference page (not included in the two pages).[supanova_question]

As a master’s prepared nurse you are often called upon to participate in the evaluation of proposed change projects

As a master’s prepared nurse you are often called upon to participate in the evaluation of proposed change projects in your unit/organization. This is an important role as you are not only called upon to evaluate the worthiness of the project itself but also the fit of this project with your unit/organizational needs. You have been individually assigned a team (same team from the SOS projects) and a role (Nurse1, Nurse2, Medical Doctor, Financial, Nay-sayer).

Read the representative reading and presentation slides prior to class (TEAM STREET PPT).
Complete OFC document while using your role as a Medical Doctor to complete the document and Ask 5-6 thoughtful questions following their presentation based on your role as a medicine doctor.[supanova_question]