HA2042 Accounting Information Systems (T1, 2012) Group Assignment (20% of Final Mark)

HA2042 Accounting Information Systems (T1, 2012)

Group Assignment (20% of Final Mark)

The assignment has two parts namely Part 1 (10 marks) & 2 (10 marks). Part 1 will require you to evaluate the payroll system for the Skip-Rope Manufacturing Company. Part 2 will involve a company called Kowal Manufacturing Company in which you are required to identify the weaknesses in their current system among others. The two (2) cases are selected form you textbook, Accounting Information Systems 12th edition by M.B. Romney and P.J. Steinbart.

The assignment aims to develop the student’s understanding of an information system in the area of Human Resources Management and Payroll Cycle. The task also aims for the student to be able to analyse a case and identify the threats and weaknesses and give corresponding recommendations. This group project itself includes several assignments, each of which comprises a part of the students’ task. However, it is well encouraged to include any additional information that students may think will be useful in conducting financial statements analysis of the selected company.

General Rules and Requirements:

Reports must be confined to 2,000 words (+/- 5%). As a minimum, a title page, table of contents page (based on your report headings), introduction, conclusion and references should be included. Font type should be Arial (size 11), paragraph spacing should be 1.5.

Note: Any additional material from external sources that you “copy and paste” into your report is NOT included in the word limit. Also, ensure it is appropriately referenced.

Part 1 (5 marks)

Part 2 (15 marks)

Chapter 15
 Skip-Rope manufacturing (page 475)

Chapter 15
 Kowal Manufacturing Company (page 475)


Identify weaknesses in current procedures, and explain the threats that they may allow to 

Suggest ways to improve the Kowal Manufacturing Company’s internal control over 
hiring and payroll processing. (CPA examination, adapted.)

Due Date: Friday 31 May, 2013. Don’t forget to upload onto Safeassign, one per group (do not upload more than one copy)