Group Project

I have a small group project with some other students, and I have some tasks and I want you to do it. These tasks are:
Part 1: Scope:
Task 45. Develop, identify, and prepare the scope statement (Its limits- and objects that are not included)Task 46. Develop, identify, and explain the concepts: Scope creep and giving examples
Task 47 .Illustrate product analysis management.To illustrate the transformation of the work packages in Work Breakdown Structure to activities.
Part 2 :Resources:
Task 57. Explain the concept of Resource Leveling and Smoothing.Task 58.Trained on distributing the project resources of equipment and tools.
When you write the paper, I want you to read all the PDF files asthey have valuable info about all the task.Thenfocus on the one that named “project”were you can find all the information about the two parts (Scope and Resources)
Below are some information I have taken from the file “Project” you need to read and get information and idea about what you can write in the paper:
1.Strategy1.1. Mission:To providing integrated and comprehensive electrical support at the highest international levels.
1.2. Vision:To be the preferred KSA leader in electrical services.To fund the future expansions effectively for being partner of Saudi Electricity Company.1.3. Smart Model
The main goal of the project is to achieve the business case of the project and deliver a successful product
The project team will achieve the company’s goal to become a leader in implementing projects for SEC with high voltage department by delivering a 33kV grid substation to feed metro station#02 in Riyadh City within specific time, cost,