Global Health Partnerships and Future Trends in KSA Healthcare in contrast with Globalization Efforts

As we have experienced, COVID 19 has drastically changed the way in which healthcare is creating policies and procedures.
Address the following requirements:
Discuss some of the measures, challenges, and financial interdependence that has occurred with the Ministry of Health since the inception of the COVID 19 virus.
Discuss some of the actions and policies that have been implemented by the Ministry of Health since COVID 19 had emerged.
Your paper should meet the following structural requirements:
three pages in length as Word document, not including the cover sheet and reference page.
Use headlines.
Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion of the discussion
You must explain each requirement with at least 4 ideas with an explanation and an example.
Formatted according to APA 7th edition, strictly, follow the APA file attached.
Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four updated (2016-2021) scholarly articles.
In-text citation should follow the APA 7th edition as organized in the attached APA file.
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced.

discussion response

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment. Good evening,
When evaluating the quality of research, I need to know that the authenticity of the study, the goal of the study and the objectives. Quality research contains such elements as variables, associations, sampling, random selection, random assignment, and blinding (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.). Additionally, quality research serves to answer a specific question with regard to therapy, etiology, diagnosis, prevention, prognosis, meaning, quality improvement, or cost. There are seven levels of evidence based on the methodological quality of each studies design, validity, and applicability to patient care. These are:
“ Level I: Evidence from a systematic review or meta-analysis of all relevant RCTs (randomized controlled trial) .
Level II: Evidence obtained from at least one well-designed RCT.
Level III: Evidence obtained from well-designed controlled trials without randomization
Level IV: Evidence from well-designed case-control or cohort studies.
Level V: Evidence from systematic reviews of descriptive and qualitative studies.
Level VI: Evidence from a single descriptive or qualitative study.
Level VII: Evidence from the opinion of authorities and/or reports of expert committees.” (Winona State University, n.d.)
The purpose of the study, the elements, and the levels of evidence provide the information pertinent to evaluatiing and ultimately resolving issues within health care.
The Office of Research Integrity. (2014). Module 3: Elements of Research. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The Office of Research Integrity. Retrieved from
Winona State University. (n.d.) Levels of Evidence. Retrieved from…

few seconds ago[supanova_question]

One page per topic: Topic 1: Consider a time when you, someone you know, or someone with whom you

Global Health Partnerships and Future Trends in KSA Healthcare in contrast with Globalization Efforts Religion and Theology Assignment Help One page per topic:

Topic 1: Consider a time when you, someone you know, or someone with whom you have worked has felt discriminated against as a result of gender bias or sexual orientation. Were there other diverse issues present, such as religion or racial background that made the situation even more difficult, due to family traditions and culture or other related concerns? Describe a scenario, using appropriate citations, that demonstrates how a culturally sensitive human service worker would manage such a situation towards achieving a positive outcome in 250-300 words. Remember that discrimination and prejudice can have many looks and perspectives not just the obvious or publicized.

Topic 2: Watch the media segment on Teen girls open up about the ‘constant pressure’ of social media and read the article about Melanie Benn, Social Worker Earns more than Medals at Athens Paralympics. In a 250-300 word post, consider the following questions:

How does the focus on beauty and youth affect us as we age or if we are disabled?
How does it affect our ability to work with someone who does not share our perspective or condition relative to these terms?[supanova_question]

Presentation health behaviour

Presentation about “Impact of parental illness on child’s well-being “
Must be 13 content slides plus a reference page in APA format
Presentation must contain supporting images
– The attached material file is for support in the presentation, and it is not permissible to copy from it