GE106 – Introduction to Engineering Design

1. Is it possible to be an engineering professional without a BS degree? Why?
2. Does an engineer have to consider the safety and reliability of a product during design or
service? Give some examples to support your answer in any two of the following fields.

a) Car design b) Highway design c) Building design
3. Give two examples of how an engineer can give credit for the work of others, recognize
their proprietary interests and give credit to whom due
7. You are working in the environmental division of a computer manufacturing company.
You then learnt that your company might be discharging unlawful amounts of lead and
arsenic into the city sewage system. The city processes the sludge into a fertilizer used by
local farmers. To ensure safety, it imposes restrictive laws on the discharge of lead and
arsenic. Preliminary investigations convince you that the company should implement
stronger pollution controls, but your manager insists that the cost of implementing this is
prohibitive, and that technically the company is in compliance with the law.
Discuss the ethical issues involved and state what you should do. Give the reasons for
your answer.

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