From my professor: All papers for this course should be 3-5

From my professor: All papers for this course should be 3-5 pages long, double-spaced with standard font and margins (use
the default font and margins in your MS Word program). No title or headings are required for your
paper. Just include your name and student ID number. The minimum length for the paper to pass is
three full pages.
During the nineteenth century, King Lear was thought to be unfit for the stage. Discuss how this view
derived from that era’s realistic expectations for theatrical representation. Describe how Shakespeare’s
own theatre was not devoted to realism, and how the play only returned to theatrical prominence when
modern practitioners began to once again employ the theatrical conventions of the early modern
period. Be sure to mention:
Universal lighting.
The proximity of the audience.
The lack of realistic scenery or stage effects.
You must address ALL of the issues in the above prompt, incorporating this information into well-
structured paragraphs.
The title King Lear must be italicized (not underlined or put in quotation marks) every time you use it
You must quote directly from the play in your essay. This means from the written text of King Lear,
Broadview Anthology of British Literature Edition, ISBN 978-1-551-119670. Follow the quotation
guidelines for Twelfth Night as described above. If you only quote from King Lear, no Works Cited page
is needed. Where differences occur between Quarto and Folio texts, the Broadview edition lists both
versions. You can quote from either one and list the line numbers from either one. For the purposes of
this paper, there is no need to specify whether you are quoting from Quarto or Folio.
The Professor’s lecture notes for Lear are posted on Canvas to help you write this essay. If you choose to
quote from any of the published works cited in these lecture notes, you must do so in proper MLA
format and list the quoted work on a Works Cited page.[supanova_question]

Write a 15-line original poem. You may use any form or

Write a 15-line original poem. You may use any form or style. The poem should have a focus or controlling image. Remember, sound can help to emphasize meaning, so incorporate sound and rhythm. Write for a general public audience and use universal themes that people can relate to without being offended.[supanova_question]

First, choose one of the Langston Hughes poems assigned in class,

English Assignment Help First, choose one of the Langston Hughes poems assigned in class, or available at the Poetry Foundation: (note that you can click the red “Show More” box at the bottom of the page to show a longer list of Hughes’ poems). However, make sure to pick a poem that hasn’t already been chosen and written about by another student (for this week’s forum, you’ll be able to see your peers’ posts before you post your own). In your main post, first provide the title of the poem you’ve chosen. Then, after reviewing the Online Learning Resource “How to Analyze a Poem,” write a brief summary: in no more than three sentences, identify the basic content of the poem. Next, determine at least three key elements of the poem: narrator, setting, tone, imagery, etc. Finally, discuss what stood out for you about the poem, what you most liked (or didn’t) about it, and if/how its meaning resonated with you. Make sure your response isn’t just a bulleted list of elements, but a unified discussion.

Your response should be substantive, addressing each required part of the forum prompt.[supanova_question]

Is an electronic cigarette a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes?

Discussion 3 -To Vape or not to Vape? Is Vaping a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes?No unread replies.No replies.
Discussion Board Assignment is due on/before Wednesday 12/1 and reply posts must be submitted by Sunday 12/3 11:59pm.
General Instructions: This assignment is an interactive posting based discussion activity created to encourage interaction between students as well as student and instructor. Each discussion board activity is focused on a central theme with corresponding questions. Your participation will be graded based on the completion of required tasks (listed below), and the depth of analysis and engagement in your posts- see grading rubric for Discussion posts.
For each discussion activity, you are required to complete two elements:
1) Submit an original post, in your own words citing at least 1 published source- our textbook counts, that answers the question or questions listed for the assignment (at least 150 words long- prepared in advance) posted by the deadline. Write your post as if it were a written assignment that you would turn in. Many people have points deducted because they submit their posts using slang language, e-mail or a text message formats. Note: Do not forget to capitalize the letter “I”. If you need help using proper grammar click onto the external links button and use the Purdue Owl Writing center.
2) Respond to at least 2 other student’s posts. Note: Responding posts can be posted up to 2 days after the deadline for your original post. You MUST use citations (at least 1) for each reply posting.
Remember the assignment is to get you talking about what you have discovered. Use specific examples both in your answers to the questions and to your response to other students’ postings. Check out the Grading Rubric (View Rubric) before you submit your posts.
Specific Instructions for Discussion Board Assignment 3 – Week 15
Original Post:
The Argument:
To Vape or not to Vape? Is Vaping a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes?
Choose to be Pro or Con
Proponents (pro) believe- Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. They do not contain the many known carcinogenic ingredients that cause chronic disease and death. They also allow people a method of smoking cessation that will help them quit the use of nicotine altogether.
Opponents believe (Con)- E-cigarettes are potentially explosive devices that addict teens and young adults to nicotine and most likely cause unknown serious health problems.
Research 3 Key Pro or Con points about the Vaping debate depending on what position you choose. You will only represent either the Pro side or the Con side. NOTE: You can take either side of the issue despite your personal beliefs.
Make sure you indicate whether you are representing the Pro position or Con (example: I am taking the Pro position because……) position then:
List/describe your 3 key points. Make sure you include why you believe these points (you must back up your opinion with at least one reference for each point!).
When you respond to other students’ posts make sure you also back up your thoughts/opinions with referenced material (at least one cited reference for each reply).
Use the following website as your first source- (Links to an external site.)
Other helpful websites to look at are: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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