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From: Janie Poole To: Good morning, We have a new patient coming

From: Janie Poole


Good morning,

We have a new patient coming in today.

His name is Keith Rogers; he is a young man (18) with a recent HIV diagnosis. He has described his living situation as unstable, and he has not begun treatment for HIV.

It probably will be helpful to create a concept map for Keith to show him his care plan in a visual way. Talk to your patient and start planning his care. Thanks!

— Janie Poole




Since this summer. They had one of those trucks outside GG’s where you can get tested for free. GG’s, that’s our club. So me and Nick, we go get the test and it was positive.

They gave us these pamphlets after, but I can’t leave stuff like that around the house. My folks didn’t know about me and Nick. So I trashed those pamphlets on the way home. That was…like six months back I guess.

HIV PatientSince you haven’t been in treatment, have you been doing other things to protect your health?

Yeah. So here’s the thing about that. Nick says he read on the Internet that meth is supposed to help. Like methamphetamines. And you don’t have to do very much and it slows it down so you don’t get sick as fast, but doctors can’t prescribe it because it’s illegal. So we tried that. Nick thinks it’s working, but I don’t know, man. It makes my heart beat real fast and that freaks me out.

He’d be mad if he knew I told you that, like maybe someone’s gonna show up at the house and bust us. I guess I don’t care anymore.

HIV PatientAt intake you described your living situation as “unstable.” Can you tell me more about that?

I’m staying at Nick’s right now. Mom threw me out of the house. I was…like, trying to find a way where I could get a test that wasn’t in front of a gay club, right, cuz…my folks just ain’t ready for that much truth, you know? So we’re at the clinic, and I get the test, and they call Moms in because technically I’m still a minor at that time, and we’re talking with the nurse or whoever and it just kinda comes out. How I got it. She hit the roof.

I don’t think that’s why she threw me out, though, even though at church they say it’s a sin. She’s scared. Everyone is scared. I got little sisters at home, Alexa and Marnie, and we only got one bathroom. It’s like…maybe I’m allowed to go ruin my life and they still love me and pray for me, but if I gave it to the girls…that they could never forgive.

So I’m sleeping on the couch at Nick’s place. His folks don’t want us sharing a bed, but they feed me and stuff. I don’t even know if Nick told them what’s up, so I just keep my mouth shut. If we break up over this, I’m in so much trouble.

HIV PatientWhat do you feel is the most important thing we can do to help you right now?

Well. I have like five hundred dollars in the bank that I got for my birthday, but HIV drugs have gotta cost more than that. I’m under Dad’s insurance still, until I’m 25 I think. But I remember when my sisters were born it was so expensive anyway, and I’m scared that if the insurance company finds out, like…I have a terminal illness…that’ll just bankrupt the whole family. I can’t do that to them.

So I guess the first thing is, like, can you help me figure out how to do this without hurting anybody?

——————————————————————————————————-an 18–year–old African American man, and a recent high school grad Reason for Referral:

Ke Create a concept map graphic and write a 2-4 page narrative on the patient scenario presented in Assessment Case Study: Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Concept Map. Base your report on the information provided in the case study and your own research of 3-5 evidence-based resources. an 18–year–old African American


Concept Map

Well, it sounds like this is a more complex case than we thought at first. I’m going to need you to put together a concept map for your patient’s care plan.

I need a brief description of your patient, and then up to five diagnoses (there may not be that many). Go in order of urgency, and make sure you list the professional or scholarly evidence you used to formulate the diagnosis. Just use in–text citations, please; we want to keep this short and sweet.

Thanks for taking this on!

Using a concept map to plan a patient’s care can be essential when the case and the patient’s overall needs are complex. Sometimes it helps a patient to see a concept map as a visual explanation of their care plan.

In this simulation, you’ve used the details of an HIV patient’s case to draft a concept map for his care. A concept map can be a graphic, like below, or an outline, like the expert example.

Patient Info:

Most Urgent Nursing Diagnosis Name:

Most Urgent Nursing Diagnosis Full Description:

Most Urgent Nursing Diagnosis Assessment/Diagnostics:

Most Urgent Nursing Diagnosis Treatments/Medications:

Most Urgent Nursing Diagnosis Outcomes:

Nursing Diagnosis 2:

Nursing Diagnosis 2 Full Description:

 Nursing Diagnosis 2 Assessment/Diagnostics:

Nursing Diagnosis 2 Treatments/Medications:

 Nursing Diagnosis 2 Outcomes:

Nursing Diagnosis 3:

Nursing Diagnosis 3Full Description:

 Nursing Diagnosis 3 Assessment/Diagnostics:

Nursing Diagnosis 3 Treatments/Medications:

 Nursing Diagnosis 3 Outcomes:

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