Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus

For this term paper, I’d like to use one of my response paper (Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus) I have written in the past and extend it instead of writing a whole new paper. You may use any of the course texts/authors or develop a project on texts, authors, music, films, art, and so on of personal interest with one caveat: that your subject matter should merit close examination, and that it can be researched. You work should also be focused—avoid trying to jam the entirety of all three texts into one paper, as the result will likely be scattered and shallow. You will use at least three reliable sources to support your argument.The following should be present in your essay:a strong, evidence-based thesis 
nuanced and attentive close reading of textual evidence
connection between source materials and quotes
sound structure (introduction with thesis, topic sentences, thoughtfully developed, sequential body paragraphs, and a conclusion, correct citation, etc.)a clear argument throughout the essaya correct Works Cited pageevidence of revision as the essay is proofread and free of errors