for UChicago Harris MA Public Policy

– Questions:
1. Why policy? Why Harris? (350 words)
– what policy interested me: regional inequality, especially employment for the disadvantaged populations such as unemployed laid-off urban workers, women, migrant workers
– My personal efforts in pursuing my passion
– Why Harris is a good fit

2. Describe briefly the biggest challenge you have ever faced. How did you tackle it and what did you learn? (350 words)

3. Where do you see yourself getting involved in the community during your time at Harris–either at the University of Chicago or in the city of Chicago? (350 words)

4. My specific interests in policy (350 words)
SEE writing samples.

– Requirements:
1. Please go through the official website: to what candidates is the program looking for. Especially, please look into the student’s experience and academic focus of the school.
2. The references provided are Master in Management’s personal statements. In writing the essay, please make sure the materials are properly tailored to showcase that: 1. I have had a profound grasp of Public Policy; 2. I am passionate and curious about public policy;

1.Strategy o Briefly what was your initial strategy and why did

o Briefly what was your initial strategy and why did you develop such a strategy?
o How did your strategy change during the semester?
2. Company Operations
o Each member should briefly explain how his/her area contributed to successes/failures of the company’s strategy implementation
o You may mention specific decisions that led to positive results/negative results.
(Do not mention all of the decisions that you made and do not review your decisions period-by-period in the presentation. Assume that I am familiar with your decisions.)
– What structures/decision have been enacted for the future to make your company more successful, given its current position? Discuss some analysis of your current position, briefly provide concrete recommendations of decisions that you would make in the next period (YR 19) and justify your decisions. You can also be as creative as you want in this section. Your recommendations should be well crafted, specific and have supporting data. Appropriate answers are not “keep doing what we are doing,” “market better,” “expand operations,” or propose an unsupported, fictitious diversification endeavor.
4. Lessons
– What were the most important lessons that you learned from your experience? You will need to make this final section to effectively show why your management team is the right team for the future success of your business. This should be the “aha moment” and be rather profound. This is the final opportunity to impress the board of directors, so make sure to put great thought into your lessons.
You should strongly incorporate course knowledge/concepts and communicate that you understand these concepts intimately (this doesn’t mean that you recite the definitions of specific terms, but rather adequately communicate the integration of the knowledge acquired during the course of the semester). THIS SHOULD BE HEAVILY TIED TO COURSE CONCEPTS. It is also important that format and adequately covers each area. For example, the first section will require the least time, with more focus applied to the latter 3 sections.

After the Prioress tells her tale, all the Pilgrims are silent.

After the Prioress tells her tale, all the Pilgrims are silent. With the other tales, there has always been a verbal response. Why is there silence after her tale? Granted, one can project just about anything onto silence, but still….To break that silence the Host begins to banter with Geoffrey the Narrator. He says that the Narrator is staring at the ground. What does this suggest? When we stare at the ground after someone speaks, what does it usually mean? The Host then refers to the Narrator’s face or facial expression as “elvyssh.” This is a word that you need to look up in both the Oxford Englsih Dictionary online and in the Middle English Dictionary online. The OED gives an important meaning not provided by the MED—or by either the Broadview or the Riverside Chaucer; and it is a meaning that was in use at the time that Chaucer was writing. You need to consider what that meaning might imply and what it might tell` us about Geoffrey’s response to the tale told by the Prioress. When you look up this word in both online dictionaries, you will need to spell it “elvish.” Spelling was not standardized in Chaucer’s time. When you look up “elvish” in the MED, note the quotations that support the definition. Most are from Chaucer’s works. Given that “elvish” is used by the Canon’s Yeoman to describe the pseudo-alchemy performed by the Canon, a first-rate con-artist, what do you think the Canon’s Yeoman means by “elvish”?

Once you have done this preparation, write a 3 to 5 page paper discussing Geoffrey’s portrait. Consider that it is given through the eyes of the Host. Most important, from the portrait what do you think Geoffrey’s response to the Prioress’s tale was? After all, we get his portrait at a crucial moment when everyone is silent, including Geoffrey, who has been looking at the ground. Notice too that the Host at first addresses Geoffrey, but then switches to third person as he describes Geoffrey to the other Pilgrims, then switches back to addressing Geoffrey directly. What is going on here?[supanova_question]

Name: Case Study Title: Briefly What happened? Provide the article title,

Writing Assignment Help Name:

Case Study Title:

Briefly What happened? Provide the article title, URL and a one sentence summary of the case.

Key Stakeholders and how were they negatively impacted: [This does not need to be a complete list, just several major stakeholders (not stockholders, though the stockholders may be stakeholders). Briefly explain the relationship with the company – why they are stakeholders

What was the final outcome? [prison, fines, termination, and for how many individuals]

Describe why you feel the actions were morally wrong? [Be sure to use keywords describing your moral base (consequentialist, care, duty, act utilitarian, prima facie duties, etc.) and why your compass would justify classifying the action as morally wrong. Alternatively, discuss why you may feel the action was morally acceptable.]

Put yourself in a position of leadership and describe what you would put in place that would have prevented this in the first place or keep it from happening again. Or, alternatively what rules would you implement to justify the action:


and The Wine Indusry

I am adding a few documents. One that outlines what should go in each section, another that provides the rubric, and a third that shows an example of a good case study analysis. I am also adding the case study itself. Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you![supanova_question]

Scenario: Dailey is a new teacher at Jackson Elementary School. Ms.

Dailey is a new teacher at Jackson Elementary School. Ms. Dailey has had many courses on culture, as well as how culture and family systems impact student success. She is also well versed in behavioral models that can guide classroom management approaches. Setting up her classroom to take into account the varied needs and cultures of her twenty young students will be challenging, but she is determined to promote the success of each student. A get acquainted meeting with parents and family members might be just the thing to set the stage for a successful start to the school year! But, many decisions must be made before this critical meeting.

Prepare your presentation based upon what you know about the following:
Promoting cultural acceptance in the classroom

Describing Cultural Diversity
Explains all of the following:
? A cultural diversity program for the classroom
? Increasing understanding of, and application for, cultural diversity
? Family and parent engagement in a cultural diversity program

In this Assignment, you should include the following:
How to design a class program to promote an understanding of, and appreciation for, cultural diversity. How can you bring parents/family members into the program?[supanova_question]