For this week, devise a pie chart to depict how your Essay

For this week, devise a pie chart to depict how your weekly time is spent (hours not sleeping). Please label the chart with the proper categories and percentages.

Then, write a paragraph considering any challenges you faced when creating this chart.

If you are using Microsoft Word to create the chart, you can access charts under the “Insert” tab in many versions. If you cannot find it, try the “Help” tab for instructions.[supanova_question]

Essay Requirements

Essay Requirements [supanova_question]

House Research Essay

English Assignment Help You will write a research essay about Henrik Ibson’s “A doll’s house.” I have already compiled 4 sources you will use and site in your essay. Please include an MLA styled citation page at the end. I have attached the file for the 4 sources you will use.[supanova_question]

keyword from one of the critical essays of this unit (“Playing in the Dark” “Sex in Public” or “The Lives of Animals”) to analyze Morrison’s “Recitatif.”

Toni Morrison Essay’s
1.An explanation of the keyword [supanova_question]