For this assignment, you will write the first draft Core Assessment paper

For this assignment, you will write the first draft Core Assessment paper focused on your communication across multiple contexts and develop a plan (or plans) to improve your communication.

Prepare the first draft of the 4-6 page Core Assessment paper. The paper must be written in APA style with 1-inch margins and include an introduction, body, and conclusion. (See Core Assessment Guidelines below.) It must address the following topics:

Paper main topics:

– Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
– Listening
– Interpersonal Relationships
– Intercultural Communication
Each of the above sections of your paper must demonstrate:

Topics – Your understanding of the topics.
Characteristics – The characteristics you believe make-up an effective communicator.
Analysis – Analysis of your communication to include a real-life communication example.
Improvement plan – A plan for how you plan to improve your communication in each context.
You must use enough terminology and examples of concepts and principles from our material to showcase your complete understanding of each topic listed.

Paper Sources
The paper must use the course textbook as a reference. Additional outside sources are optional. Any information used from the book and/ or outside sources throughout the paper must have APA style in-text citations and be referenced in the Reference page.

See the Park University Library Guide Citing & WritingLinks to an external site. for helpful resources for citing sources in APA.

Core Assessment Guidelines
Introduction: Must include an attention getting statement, thesis statement, an evaluation of your communication skills in general, and a preview of the main points.

Body: For each topic required in this paper, first explain what you believe to be the characteristics of an effective communicator. Second, describe and analyze your communication using real-life examples, terminology from our course, and principles/ concepts we have learned. Third, develop a thorough plan for improvement.

Your paper must include the following topics: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Listening, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication and a choice of either Workplace and Organizational Communication OR Communication and New Media.

Conclusion: Restate the thesis and review your main points. End with a clincher statement, quote, or idea.