For this assignment, you will take a personality test, the IPIP-NEO

For this assignment, you will take a personality test, the IPIP-NEO (International Personality Item Pool Representation of the NEO PI-R).

First, take the short version of the IPIP-NEO.

Next, review the results provided from the MMPI-2 and MCMI-III in the Sample Personality Results Report.

Finally, in your response, reflect on the experience of taking the IPIP-NEO. Consider the following questions in your reflection:

What do you think is the usefulness of knowing the results from the IPIP-NEO?
Did you agree with the results?
How would you feel if you received the feedback from the Sample Personality Results Report?
How do you think these results could inform treatment?


I am forwarding a paper that I have already paid to

I am forwarding a paper that I have already paid to be written. I need to add more information using a source that conflicts or disagrees with the primary source article. I need 2-3 paragraphs discussing any conflicting research about this same topic (to be added to my original paper that I will forward). If you can not find an article conflicting this research the 2-3 paragraphs will state you could not find conflicting research but have found (article) supporting your findings from the primary article.. You do not have to change any of the information that has already been written in this paper, You will just be adding information to it.
So the information that needs to be added is going to be information you find from a peer reviewed journal that disagree’s or conflicts with the information found from the primary article that is used for this paper. I also need a few sentences of describing related theories or research of memory. That can come from the powerpoint used in class that I will also forward.

Then that source you find and use for the 2 paragraphs of conflicting/ disagreeing just needs to be added to the reference page/ and a copy of the article used will need to be forwarded as well.

This professor is crazy and I am not sure if I need to follow the rubric order or the order of questions so if you can format the paper in order of either one. I will forward copies of the rubric and questions. Please just make sure all questions are answered. ( I think it should go in order of questions shown below).

1. what is the article about how does it relate to one or more topics from class? In other words describe related theories and or research in class (all from the powerpoint) and why were you interesed in this topic ****( add paragraph of related theories here)***
2. what type of research was conducted correlational or experimental. explain your answer. What is the study hypothesis, describe participants and what were the procedures used to conduct the study?****** Is there any conflicting research that disagrees with the findings from your primary article*****(review the literature to see if any studies exist that conflict or disagree with the finding from your primary study. (New information 2 paragraphs go here)
3. Whatare the results of your research study? What are the real world implications of this stucy? Who does it apply to? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this study?

All this information is pretty much in the original paper I am only asking for a little information to be added from a conflicting article if one can be found or supporting article if one disagreeing cannot be found. Then just format the paper in this order using the original paper which has pretty much all of this information other than the conflict inwhich I showed where to add those paragraphs related theories and conflict
articles are to be peer reviewed journals
If you feel not all questions are answered if you could please complete them. Sorry I only have 1 day but I have been going back and forth with the support team and a misunderstanding so I am applying this as a new order.[supanova_question]

Hello please I am sending you the information 1) The template:

Psychology Assignment Help Hello please I am sending you the information
1) The template: to follow the case presentation Report Instructions
2 CASE PRESENTATIONS AS A GO-BY ONLY. Please do not copy or plagiarize anything from the go-by paper information. It is just for you to see how the paper must be finalized. Someone by mistake copied something and the instructor returned the paper, almost got into an issue, thank you.
3) I am sending you the Grading Rubric so you can see how the score for the advance instruction is required to make the standard grade that the instructor required.
I am also sending the article that the instructor wants me to use in the paper.
Please make sure that the instructions are followed
It needs 7 references including the article I am sending you. The citations and Reference page have to be in APA format. THE ARTICLES HAVE TO BE PEER REVIEW ARTICLES AND ARTICLES THAT ARE RETRIEVED IN THE US.
Please in Part 2 Case Conceptualization at the end put the Cristian worldview perspective that is expected in the paper. I already did the part until the diagnosis for you to have the information of the client ANNA.
Plz do not forget to add the diagnosis part C, d, E Plz follow all the steps in the template, but they go must from the Rubric. All I want to have are 5 pages including the Christian worldview perspective parts two and three of the report. Please I have to have done this report no longer than today.
Thank you

After reading the text chapter and viewing the video, discuss the

After reading the text chapter and viewing the video, discuss the following questions.

Describe individual factors that may contribute to sexual problems, making specific reference to each of the following: negative childhood learning; the sexual double standard; the narrow definition of sexuality; performance anxiety, relationship difficulties
What has been the effect of the ubiquitous advertising of male enhancement products on sexual behavior. Analyze the consequences that ads for of male enhancement products have on sexual behavior
Explain the basics of sexual enhancement and sex therapy.
How would someone know whether the health care professional they contact to help with their sexual problem is actually competent to do so?
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