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For this assignment, you will need to select a topic relevant

For this assignment, you will need to select a topic relevant to the Psychology of Parenting. Research and locate a longitudinal, cross-sectional, or sequential research article from a peer-reviewed psychology journal. The publication date needs to be between 2010 to the present from the PsycInfo Database (hard copies may also be accessed at the FIU Library). Articles that may be accessed through major internet searches are discouraged since they may not meet the purpose and criteria for this assignment. Only one article needs to be selected since the purpose of this assignment is to review one original study. Topics to consider include Single Parenting, Divorce

is :Health care statistics slides About the impact HPV vaccine on cervical cancer rate

please provide 3 slides About the statisticsbest for countries with the highst HPV vaccine rate and lowest cervical cancer , on last slide plz mention that Saudi Arabia has implied a HPV vaccine program for Young girls 13-16 with Picture of the headline news ( icon provide link for that if you want )

Plan for Transformational Change

Develop an internal communication strategy and plan to launch this transformation effort. You must use A

Assignment #8: Chapter 10 – Read Chapter 10 which covers subparts

Writing Assignment Help Assignment #8: Chapter 10 – Read Chapter 10 which covers subparts P through U and review key terms found on page 198.
Answer the following review questions located at the end of the chapter.
Assignment Instructions
State the question and the number of the question being answered. You must provide a detailed answer supported within the
chapter. Correct grammar and sentence structure is required. The questions are worth 4.5 points each for a total of 50 points.
Question #1: What is meant by the term excavation?
Question #2: What is meant by the term trench?
Question #4: List the factors that minimize the hazards associated with excavation work.
Question #5: When installing protective systems as part of an excavation, there are specific requirements that must be
observed. List these requirements.
Question # 12: In steel erection, work cannot begin without written notification by the controlling contractor. What
information must be contained in the written notification?
Question # 13: What are the precautions that should be taken during multiple-lifting procedures in steel erection?
Question # 14: Explain the column anchorage requirements in steel erection.
Question # 16: Training for steel erection workers must cover what topics?
Question # 18: Potentially gassy operations exist when what conditions are present?
Question # 19: What are the minimum safety precautions to be taken in gassy operations?
Question #22: Explain the medical requirements when using compressed air.

of Influencers on Social Media in Body Image and LifeStyle

Below is an attachment of the started paper. Also the results of the survey, mythology, ligature review, introduction, example of the project, project outline and more. Please put/ format and add things to it all together, adding a table of contents, results, discussion, references, and appendices.

(negative influencer) Please add the the story about Brittany Dawn scandal, from back in 2019, about scamming people, and false advertisement, talk about her eating disorder, the unethical communication she had. Talk about Khloe Kardashian fat shaming back in 2019 on a podcast. Her unethical communication on social media plat forms, promoting fitness and her wok out cloths when in fact she had multiple surgeries to look how she looks right now.

(postitive influencers) Talk about Iskra Lawerence, her stand in the NY subway for body positivity, the way she talk about it on instagram, shows that anyone could be a model, the products she promotes are true to what they are. Talk about Daniella Monet, being a mother, and recommending things to buy that she only uses, consumes, and/ or wears. Her transparency on social media of her life and her personal purchases and collaborations. Talk about Georgie Clarke, her positivity on the gym but also the ethical communication about not looking photo shopped on social media, how all bodies are beautiful, promoting only fitness products that she wear and/ or consumes.

Combine the Theory of Human Dignity with the way these influencers use their platforms.

Bring all of these into the research about Ethical Communication of Influencers on Social Media in Body Image and LifeStyle

and Disadvantages of Wildlife conservation

4 advantages with statistics, evidence, and reasoning
3 disadvantages with statistics, evidence, and reasoning
with reference list and no plagiarism
include in-text citations

You have to include reasoning or points from these citation:
Karesh, W.B. (1995). Wildlife rehabilitation: additional considerations for developing countries. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 26(2–9).

Marshall, M. (2015). What is the point of saving endangered species? BBC. [online] Available at: [Accessed July 2021]. – save-an-endangered-species [Accessed October 2021]
Wetzler, A.E. (1993). The Ethical Underpinnings of the Endangered Species Act. [online] Virginia Environmental Law Journal. Vol. 13, No. 1 (Fall 1993), pp. 145-184. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jul. 2021].

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