For this assignment, you will be required to write a 1,250 to

For this assignment, you will be required to write a 1,250 to 1,500-word case study that analyzes a major conflict for workers within a large corporation.

First, you must identify a publicly-traded, American corporation to use for the case study. Perform research on the corporation, its workers, and conflicts that exist within the workplace. Possible conflict topics may include: living wage, diversity, unionization, work-life balance, paid parental leave, discrimination, unhealthy organizational culture, etc. Research the root cause(s) of the conflict that you’ve chosen at the organization. Then, select and apply three specific sociological theories to the conflict to develop possible solutions or mitigation strategies, and conclude the case study with a well-reasoned recommendation as to which strategy would be preferred.

The assignment should contain the following sections:


Identify the publicly traded corporation that you’ve selected for the assignment and explain why you selected it. Describe the basic operation of the business, its locations, and its employees.


Explain a major workplace conflict that exists at the corporation you’ve selected and analyze the root cause(s).

Application of Sociological Theories

Select three specific sociological theories to the conflict. Explain each theory. Apply it to the conflict and discuss whether each could be used to develop possible solutions or mitigation strategies. Differentiate the impact that each theory’s approach would have on the outcome of the conflict.


From the three strategies analyzed, make a recommendation as to which should be pursued and why you’ve made that choice[supanova_question]

Annotated Bibliography – task description & marking guide Word limit – 1200

Annotated Bibliography – task description & marking guide

Word limit – 1200 words (4 entries x 300 words each)

Note: you do not need to include the bibliographic details of each article in the word count

Task description:

Choose two foundational social work theories (I have selected for you, 1. Attachment, 2. System Theories) from Payne (2020).  For each theory, find two journal articles that discuss the use of that theory in contemporary social work practice.

Write an annotated bibliography entry for each article following these steps:

1.       The full citation of the article in APA format

2.       A general statement about the author’s purpose for writing the article

3.       A short summary of the content (one paragraph)

4.       An evaluation of the quality of the article (including the CRAAP test – currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose)

5.       Reflection on the usefulness of the article in relation to your major essay

Marking criteria & marking guide:

Step 1: Referencing, 2 marks

This relates to your ability to correctly provide in-text and bibliographic references in APA format.

Learn about citations/references in the library’s cite tool HERE 

Full reference details and in-text citations are all correct for all sources


Full reference details and in-text citations are included for all sources but contain minor errors


Full reference details and in-text citations are not included or are included but contain major errors


Steps 2 & 3:  Comprehending and paraphrasing the articles, 8 marks

This relates to your ability to comprehend the content of the articles and summarise the contention and content of the articles in your own words.

Learn about reading strategies HERE and paraphrasing HERE

Excellent comprehension of articles. The contentions and content of all articles are clearly summarised in your own words.

7 – 8

Very good comprehension of articles.  Summaries are clear but the level of detail could be improved.


Good comprehension of articles. Articles have been summarised but there are some key points missing and/or paraphrasing needs work.


Does not show sufficient comprehension of the articles and/or are not written in your own words.

0 – 4

Step 4:  Evaluating the sources, 5 marks

This relates to your ability to evaluate the articles and apply the CRAAP test (currency, reliability, authority, accuracy & purpose)

Learn about the CRAAP test HERE

Excellent judgement of the quality of the sources. You have included all five factors of the CRAAP test for all articles and have extended your evaluation beyond this.

4 – 5

Very good judgement of the quality of the sources.  You have included all five factors of the CRAAP test for all articles.


Good judgement of the quality of the sources.  You have considered at least three of the factors of the CRAAP test for all articles. Consider increasing the depth of your evaluation.


Judgement of the quality of the sources is not satisfactory.  You have not evaluated the sources using the CRAAP test OR the evaluation of the factors is not satisfactory.

0 – 2

Step 5:  Reflecting upon the usefulness of the articles to the essay question, 5 marks

This relates to your ability to apply the articles to the essay question and describe how it you will use them.

Excellent ability to apply the articles to the essay question.  Clear description of how you can use the articles to inform your upcoming essay (or why they are not appropriate).

4 – 5

Very good ability to apply the articles to the essay question.  Appropriate description of how you can use the articles in the major essay (or why they are not appropriate).


Good ability to apply the articles to the essay question.  Some description of how you can use the article to inform the major essay but this could be made more specific or deepened.


Ability to apply the article to the essay question is not satisfactory.  You have not made a connection between the articles and the essay question or discussed why they are not suitable for your essay.

0 – 2



– Public Response Essay

This is power point presentation for Breast Cancer – the slides need to be short eye catching things with LOTS of speaker notes explaining the process and information on the slides. I will attach the rubric and template needed[supanova_question]

AMB359 Reflection Report Assignment 1 Due date: Friday Week 6 via Turnitin

Writing Assignment Help AMB359 Reflection Report

Assignment 1

Due date: Friday Week 6 via Turnitin before 11:59pm

Weighting: 50 marks

Individual or group: Individual

Word limit: 2500 words

Format: Written report using size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. APA Referencing required.

Title Reflection Report

Purpose: To examine the students’ decision-making reflections of their group experience. Using the AMPR self-reflection videos to support their report, students reflect on their role in the decision making processes of the group and the group synergies.


Students are to prepare a reflection assignment (report style), which includes a description of the environment and the types of team members, a summary of experiences and issues that occurred. You will follow the 4R Framework. The student should highlight their role in the team – What were their tasks? How did they undertake these tasks? Reasoning should be given to how the student performed within the team, give an evaluation of their interactions, what sort of team member were they and how did this impact the team cohesion and/or performance of the team. The student should give insight into their own personality in relation to their decision making, work ethic and what has been learned from this experience. The student should also explain what they would do differently next time if anything. This is an academic piece of work. Extensive engagement with literature is required in order to do well. Everything you document/write needs to be supported by theory and hence literature. [supanova_question]

Assignment 1 1 Assignment 1: Identify and Describe how technology changed the

Assignment 1 1

Assignment 1: Identify and Describe how technology changed the marketing landscape?

Your Name



Your Professor

Current Date

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Technology 1 3

Technology 2 3

Technology 3 3

Technology 4 3

Technology 6 3

References 3


Start typing an introduction here

Technology 1

Start typing here

Technology 2

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Technology 3

Start typing here

Technology 4

Start typing here

Technology 6

Start typing here


There are no sources in the current document.[supanova_question]

Professional Sales Summer 2021 Industry Pharma Case Customer Briefing (PROSPECT Perspective) They

Professional Sales Summer 2021

Industry Pharma Case

Customer Briefing (PROSPECT Perspective)

They are a Laboratory Manager of all sites of Super Drugs Cie. They have been with Super Drugs for the past 2 years. Business is good and growing.


As detailed below business is booming. Production is increasing 15% y.o.y. To meet the production increase pace testing operations are growing too. They and their team must do more tests, quicker in a more efficient and cost-effective way. They feel that their operations are at the limit of their capacity.

Today they are relying on their vendors to accompany them on the transformation of their operations.


They have no concerns on Environmental monitoring (They use Rapid Micro Biosystems 100,000 Tests/year), Sterility testing (They use Millipore 2,500 Tests a year) and Microbial Identification (Had Vitek in the past but send now all to 3rd party Accugenix 5,000 tests / year).

Their main focus is simplifying their current Endotoxins testing. Their capacity is to the limit, so they want to make sure they manage the increase of operations without losing on quality in the testing process. After all, they are the guardians of the quality of the brand. They currently run 50,000 TSA plates (tests) a year + 25,000 contact plates (tests) and they expect to run 60,000 TSA plates (tests) + 30,000 contact plates (tests) a year within the next 18 months (+20%). They do not want their people to be managing resupply and renewable inventories. They want them to be focused on helping production on gapping any product flaw. They currently use 3PBx plate (Your company’s product) as well as MOREpx (A competitor’s product).  

They recently did an assessment of the lab and uncovered that a lot of inefficiency was coming from the endotoxin testing and they see this as a potential quick win for them. They have a lot of technician turnover so there is a lot of inconsistency of results with their Gel-clot method (a type of test) so they need something QC-friendly (type of technology) with a short learning curve. Since the goal of this change is to bring efficiency in the lab so automation is very desirable.

They have already met with CR-Smooth (A competitor) and discussed MCS and have an appointment next week to discuss both LAL and RFC with LAX Labs (Another competitor). They are nervous about rFC because their CR-Smooth rep told them that rFC doesn’t detect everything. They are curious to hear what BMX and LAX Labs say since they have both solutions.

Volume is 3,000 tests per year for media/buffers, drug substance (including in-process and cleaning monitoring samples) and final drug product and another 5,000 tests per year for utilities samples (water).

As far as In-process controls is concerned, they had a Mycoplasma scare last year (turned out to be nothing at the end but cost them several days of investigation time. They use Roche PCR Platform which works fine but is taking too long. Volume 2,500 tests a year. Not a priority but they could have an interest for more automated and higher capacity testings.


Super Drugs is a pharmaceutical start-up, the discovery and development of first-in-class, immuno-modulatory therapies for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. They are combining state-of-the-art antibody technology and recent discoveries in neuro-immunology and human genetics to develop a broad platform of novel therapeutics that harness the immune system to fight dementia and neurodegeneration. Founder, Mr Rosendal, is German, PhD and 50+ patents granted researcher on Brain functions and Alzheimer disease. They are starting to produce drugs that fight Neurodegeneration. Their drug is on Phase 1 trial.

Business is booming. In addition to drugs that slow down Neurodegeneration, Super Drugs, also produce other types of drugs. Their production level on common drugs is doubling every 2 years. They expect their breakthrough treatment to reach phase 3 by 2023 and are expecting to ramp up production by late 2022.

There are 300 people total at the site with 10 in the QC lab

Manufacturing process is both Upstream and Downstream

Seed lab: Mammalian cells culture (Eukaryote cells)

Culture step: Culture scale up in stainless steel bioreactors of 50L, 500L & 5000L

Purification using chromatography method

Formulation: Addition of excipients

Final filling in 2mL unidose – batch size of 100,000 units


Your main contact John/Jane Doe are the responsible for Laboratory operations. They have a drive on safety and convenience in dealing with vendors. They work with a team of 3 people. 2 Biologists and one biology trainee, who mostly do administrative work (managing renewable inventories, stationeries, Administrative process]. They want to hire this trainee and the end of his internship, but he won’t accept just to do the same jobs.

Dylan Robinson, the quality manager. They work hand in hand with Dylan. Most of the requests for testing originates with him. He is the one defining new quality standards and introducing strict policies. They rely on Dylan to sell new projects to management as he has the experience and the authority to convince anyone! His drives are on Safety and Economy.

Rick McEttrick, is Their boss and the manufacturing director of the company. He always wants more, is never satisfied, pushes everyone to their limits. He wants more for his money always. His drives are on Innovation and Economy.


BMX (Your company): You have a good image and you are a world-class vendor. But you are expensive and somehow cumbersome to relate to. Your companies account manager (that works for/with you on this account) is ok but not exactly as pro-active as the client wish he/she would be. Things go fast at Super Drugs. BMX goes slower. They judge you lack of the “Start-up” attitude. It takes ages to get an answer from their specialists.

CR-Smooth: They see CR-Smooth as ok in terms of quality but they are super responsive and much more affordable. They wouldn’t come to them with a big quality issue to solve but they do the job ok on Endotoxins and their value is really good.

LAX Labs: They think they could be a very good quality contender to bioMerieux as they heavily invested in R&D approximately 13% of their net sales.