Firm and Country Level Analysis- Bloomberg

This assignment needs to be completed using the Bloomberg terminal. I have access to this and would kindly ask the writer to create a list of screenshots needed from the Bloomberg terminal in order to answer each question and complete the assignment. I will be at complete disposal to provide all information and screenshots from Bloomberg from November 20th. It would be great if you can create the list before then. Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact me anytime. The chosen topic for Firm is Tesla, and Country is USA.[supanova_question]

Finance Question

Write a two-page paper that provides a methodology that could be followed to actually solve the case. The strategy paper need not be an actual solution to the case (Pacific Grove Spice Company)– it may simply explain how one would go about solving the case, step by step. The strategy paper is being prepared for the approval of a senior financial manager who is completely familiar with the background of the problem. Therefore the strategy paper should skip background details and deal only with recommended procedures. The paper is procedural rather than descriptive. The level of detail that is appropriate in describing the procedures depends upon the objective of the particular case. For example, If an important objective of the analysis is to determine the amount of additional funds that will be required to support a new project then it is obviously not sufficient to make a statement such as: “Step 3, determine the additional funds requirements.” Instead, exact and detailed procedures should be outlined for determining the amount of external financing required, being careful to identify any peculiarities or complications that are unique to that particular case.
The case is Pacific Grove Spice Company

Income Tax Planning Module 6

Finance Assignment Help I need somebody to complete these assignments. Please earn a good grade on the Module Problems and Qu as it is graded once you submit it.
Module 6
Module 6 Preparation
Module 6 Problems
Module 6 Qu
Module 7
Module 7 Preparation
Module 7 Problems
Module 7 Qu

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Learning objective: Write an Op-Ed essay about a current and relevant

Learning objective: Write an Op-Ed essay about a current and relevant issue in the financial markets, broadly defined.

Writing purpose: An Op-Ed is an essay submitted to a newspaper expressing the opinion of the writer. While they are opinion pieces, they rely on facts (citing by reference is adequate – formal source citations are not the norm, nor required). They often acknowledge and then refute the specific views of others. They can be quite lengthy – longer than a letter to the editor, but shorter than a feature article, for example. The best Op-Ed’s raise issues not otherwise addressed previously or provide unique evidence, ideas, or alternatives in support of a position.

The term Op-Ed derives from “Opposite the Editorial Page,” which is where these essays appear in print publications. Op-Eds allow the publication to present opinions beyond those of the editorial staff.

Structure: Generally, Op-Ed authors follow this format:

State a situation or status of a matter of some controversy or import.
Present the author’s view of the situation.
Explain why you have this view.
Discuss what you think should be done about this matter and/or issue.
Students should become familiar with this genre of the essay by reading the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other publications. The best way to understand the form is to read a lot of Op-Eds! Much of the learning value from this exercise is that you learn the form and read about numerous current issues.

The following link will offer additional guidance on the form of a successful Op-Ed: (Links to an external site.)

Submission guidelines and academic integrity: Your assignment should be submitted via Canvas to ensure compliance with academic integrity rules (e.g., Turnitin will be used). Be very careful not to plagiarize as you aggregate, synthesize and restate material, which is in the public domain.

Exceptional essays will present new “breaking” topics, reference insightful research and demonstrate the author’s knowledge of and passion for the topic. You may write about any aspect – regulation, intervention, role, viability, efficiency, etc. – of any market – financial, labor, assets, services, etc. As in all your work, the quality of your writing is important, as is having the appropriate tone and professionalism.[supanova_question]