Finance Question

Look the PDF document and follow the below instructions to write the research paper.
1. Identify, study and compare three U.S. traded REITs.
2. Compare the REIT industry and the three REIT companies to the stock market and other sectors.
2-3 pages, use your own words to write that.

Fixed Income Project (Finance)

I need help on a “fixed income” finance project involving forward rates and heavy excel knowledge. Must be familiar with the realm of convexity and duration and everything related to that. (The excel sheet I attached is where you put your work).

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Module 6 Assignment Essay

Finance Question Finance Assignment Help Submission Instructions:

Complete and submit the assignment by 11:59 PM ET Sunday.
You should submit your completed work in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet if needed.[supanova_question]

Separation of Commercial and Investment Banking

Why do you think the Banking Act of 1933 (The Glass Stegall Act) initiated a separation of ‘commercial banking’ and “investment banking” in the USA? How does it differ from banking activities in other major Countries? Explain in one paragraph the advantages and disadvantages of the separation to US Banking institutions. Please cite your external research work to support your answer.
[read LG 13-2, LG 13-3 first]
Write two paragraphs or 10 Sentences of original thoughts or opinion
Cite one relevant external reference as needed

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