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Extra Credit Hey Math Scholars- In Project 3, question 18 asked you

Extra Credit

Hey Math Scholars-

In Project 3, question 18 asked you to find the time for when a rocket fell to the sea. In the algebra process students found correct solutions with t = 5 seconds and t = -1 second. Most people correctly crossed out t = -1 second. Some even explained that it makes no sense to talk about negative time. It actually can make sense to talk about negative time. Negative time just means what happened in the past. For example, if someone asked you what you did yesterday, you wouldn’t reply “That makes no sense.”

Here is a photo of a rocket launch that is near the water. Now it is not 80 feet above the water like in our problem #18 but it is the best I have!!

And here is a neat launch clip that might help inspire an answer to our extra credit question 2 and 3.


So here is the 1st question(and into “The Learning Pit” we go): In this problem. we can’t use t = -1 as a solution to the question. There are at least 2 reasons why not. You earn 1 point for each correct reason you offer. (Reasons require explanations)

The 2nd question asks you to write out what t = -1 means in context of problem #18. This will be words. 

The 3rd question asks you to explain what you think the height of the rocket will be when t = -1 second.


1. Give 2 reasons with an explanation why t = -1 is not a solution to question #18.(1 point each)

2. What does t = -1 mean in context of this rocket launch problem? (1 point)

3. I think we can agree that the rocket is not at the ocean level when t = -1. Explain where you think the rocket is for this time.(1 point)

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