ever thought what technology and accounting has to do with perseverance? Are numbers, organizing, calculating, and assessing some key techniques that help us being more perseverant?

Based on the attached paper, answer the questions of the topic following the structure below, the structure below is a guideline for a draft, that need to be used to develop the essay
Structure the way you want to research this question:
a. Fields of knowledge that the question covers.
b. Map the references where you can understand better the topic:
i. Historical background;
ii. Current events related to it;
iii. News, books, websites, videos, etc.;
iv. Main concepts that might help you address the issues related to the
c. Write paragraphs or bullet points to make your path through the question.
3. Outline some conclusions: where do you want to get with this question? What do you want to resolve with it?
Write down the references at the end with the correct form (if it’s a website, use the
same way and write down the link).
6. How to cite:
a. In the text: enter the information right after the citation using quotations marks or argumentation directly linked to the author/work statement/argumentation. Inside a parenthesis, you must insert the following information: (Last Name, Date of publication, Page). The page is in case you directly quoted the author. If you didn’t mention it, you might enter (Last Name, Date of publication).
i. Example: (Rose, 2003, pp.3-4)
b. In the references: present the authors’ work in a list, one below another, in
alphabetical order. You add the information in the following order: Last Name, First Name (can be abbreviated). Year of the published edition (between parenthesis). Title of the text you cited (if it’s not the title of the entire book). Name of the book (in italic). Publisher. For articles in journals, the title of the

journal comes in italic, followed by volume number and number of the edition, period of time, and pages of the article within the journal.
i. Examples:
1. Book: ROSER, D.; SEIDEL, C. (2017). Climate justice: an
introduction. Routledge.
2. Book chapter: LORDE, Audre. (2007). Age, Race, Class, and
Sex: Women Redefining Difference. Sister Outsider. Crossing
Press. pp. 114-123.
3. Article: ROSE, Nikolas. Neurochemical selves. Society, [vol.
XX, no.XX – if needed], Nov/Dec 2003. pp.46-59.