evaluation paper

Requirements: Negative Interest Rates and the impact on Investinghttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t[supanova_question]

evaluation paper

Requirements: Negative Interest Rates and the impact on Investinghttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t[supanova_question]

Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge (Case 9 on p. 613-614) Instructions for Case

Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge (Case 9 on p. 613-614)

Instructions for Case Analysis

1. Read the case.

2. Review the case grading rubric found in your syllabus.

3. Prepare your written analysis.

Use the following headings to organize your case analysis:

Critical Issues

Evaluation of Alternatives

Support of Recommendations

Your literature review should be included throughout your analysis. You should cite references to substantiate your evaluation of alternatives and support of recommendations. You may also cite references which provide more depth in theory and knowledge regarding the case topic.

4. Things to keep in mind…..

Use marketing concepts from your chapters and references to analyze the case. Don’t spend too much time summarizing the case – a few sentences will be sufficient since I have read the case already.

Your analysis should include a SWOT analysis which can be part of the critical issue section. Your alternatives and recommendation should link back to your critical issues and SWOT analysis.

The body of your analysis should not exceed 6 pages, double spaced, 12 point font. You also should include a title page and a reference page. Cite all of your references properly in APA format (APA 6th edition or higher).

Submit your case analyses in the appropriate dropbox. The document should be compatible with Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013.

You should use a minimum of 5 external resources, not including your textbook, to support your analysis. You may not use Wikipedia and other encyclopedias. At least two of your references must be from referred journals.[supanova_question]

Surname 2 Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

Writing Assignment Help Surname 2

Student’s Name

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Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Instructions


In a review of the two films, Jordan Peele’s US and Joon Ho’s parasite, they both reflect the dark side of humanity, which is explored in fascinating ways. For instance, the director pushes their characters to extremes, making them act in ways that do not reflect their capability. In the films, contrast, visual metaphors, and stairs show the boundary between two worlds by layering one world on top of the other. In Us film, the director reveals how childhood trauma can profoundly impact to the extent of affecting multiple generations. On the other hand, Parasite tells the lies of three families, which demonstrate how the capitalist societies need to push citizens into social classes by creating a breakdown of the said society.

In this essay, I would conduct my research on how generational trauma in the Us is mirrored in the class struggles of Parasite. Such shall help in promoting different proposals and intimate understanding of the primary difference between the two films. Another claim to discuss in the essay is how the two films have contributed to social classes struggles within the two promoted worlds. Such shall help in describing how the two worlds end and why they ended. Another claim to discuss in the essay is the relationship between the two films and what they contributed to the two worlds. Such shall help in determining the contrast between the films and the similarities depicted in the two worlds. Finally, I would research the different ways in which the Parasite falls short of creatures. This shall be the foundation of the research to find the way the film promoted the end of the world in the Parasite. Besides, it shall derive the comparison between the two worlds described in the films.

Annotated Bibliography

Rigney, Daniel. The metaphorical society: An invitation to social theory. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011.

The source is helpful in the current research, for it provides relevant information regarding the comparison between the two worlds as described in the films (Rigney, 12). Furthermore, it gives relevant information regarding the different forms of literature, especially in the two worlds as depicted in the different films. Besides, the source contains information about how it should be made to capture relevance in the narrations of the world. Furthermore, it is a credible source for it has gone through peer-reviewing, thus containing sufficient and revised information for the research. Besides, it is written in simple English, thus suitable to all researchers, including international students. Therefore, the source is one of the most reliable sources in the current research. Further, the article’s author is a wealth of literature information, thus increasing its credibility.

Noh, Minjung. “Parasite as Parable: Bong Joon-Ho’s Cinematic Capitalism.” CrossCurrents 70.3 (2020): 248-262.

The source outlines the cross-currents of the Parasite film through cinematic capitalism. It further explains the winnings of the movie in different festivals for which the director had won in the presentation. It praises the director of the film Joon as a top-tier director and a reputable auteur of cinema (Noh, 8). Such reveals that the director was one of the preferable directors in his era. I will use the source to search for information about how the world of injustice was described in the film and the information about why the world of mistreatment came to an end.

The source is credible because it has gone through peer reviewing and is therefore revised by different experts for authenticity. Besides, the source’s author is wealthy of information regarding the metaphorical analysis and literature as depicted in different forms of literature. Nevertheless, the source is written in simple language, thus relevant to all researchers for research. The source is current thus captures information about the tradition and the contemporary world. It traces the two worlds and compares them clearly with simple reasoning. The source reveals that the Parasite has information about the practice of today’s ubiquitous religion and global capitalism. Such makes it relevant to the current research since it contains the most pertinent information towards the current study.

Work Cited

Little White Lies. Comedy and Tragedy in Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite. (2020). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3adCMeGssg

Noh, Minjung. “Parasite as Parable: Bong Joon-Ho’s Cinematic Capitalism.” CrossCurrents 70.3 (2020): 248-262.

Rigney, Daniel. The metaphorical society: An invitation to social theory. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011.

Us | Jordan Peele Gives Us a Glimpse into Us. (2020). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB1aA1iAsYA [supanova_question]

and his development and nuclearization of North Korea through the “rally around the flag theory”

Political Science – International Politics Thesis Driven Analysis that describes the “rally around the flag theory” and how it is used by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Intro Paragraph:
– Thesis Sentence
– 3 Proof Sentences (3 proofs that prove Kim Jong-un’s usage of rally around the flag theory)
– Conclusion Sentence

Paragraph 2:
– Explain individual level of analysis on Kim Jong-un and rally around the flag theory

Paragraph 3:
– 1st Proof

Paragraph 4:
– 2nd Proof

Paragraph 5:
– 3rd Proof

Paragraph 6 (Conclusion):
– Conclude everything written[supanova_question]

2 Vision, Alignment, and Paradigms Name Institution Course Tutor Date Vision, Alignment,


Vision, Alignment, and Paradigms






Vision, Alignment, and Paradigms

Vision Statement

Yes. My team has an objective and specific vision statement. In the project that we are working on, we are committed to achieving our vision: getting on board other high-quality projects of the kind by ensuring that we deliver on quality. The results we will get from having a vision is that we have something to guide us as we created plans and set the goals and objectives we want to achieve. The results we get from having a vision are that we have a guide to help us coordinate and evaluate our project work. We are always focused on gathering to ensure that we face all the challenges together and find solutions as a team.

The group leader understands that a great vision is not important if it is not communicated effectively. The leader has been very effective in communicating the vision, especially through periods of change, and that helps to ensure that the team members keep the vision at the center and the front of the project. A vision statement outlines the group’s ambitions to transform an organization, and therefore communicating it effectively is important (Jensen, Moynihan & Salomonsen, 2018). The leaders simply communicate the vision through storytelling. Through storytelling, the other members of the group can understand what the leader is talking about, especially when the stories connect with the employees in the present state and the future vision of the group. Since stories help to develop trust, feedback is easily solicited to help serve and reinforce the group’s vision.

Even though communication of the team vision is good at the moment, repetition can be used to help the vision commit to the memories of the team members. The message should be ensured it remains inspirational and exciting and then repeating the core messages while recognizing the achievements of individual members and the whole team can greatly improve communication.


Organizational leaders have the responsibility of ensuring that organizational alignment is created. After creating a vision, a leader has to create roadmaps on how to get to that vision and, if need be, make corrections along the way in the best way possible. My team members are affiliated with the vision, mission, values, and objectives of the group. The group members are engaged, and they are motivated and passionate about their work. There are rare cases of low engagement, and employees are therefore consistent in their behavior and performance and understand the group’s vision and the supporting values because they are in alignment with their personal goals and are communicated clearly.

People join organizations with the belief that it will support them in their personal growth. In our group, all the members have goals and values that are aligned with the group, and therefore, they do not compete with the team or hinder the achievement of team goals. From the start, individual goals were aligned with those of the group by enhancing the knowledge of team members and building their skills to ensure they work to meet the bigger goals of the whole group. Employee motivation is maintained, and the individual team members work towards the success of the group.

Team members’ alignment is important, and in cases where it has not been achieved, some action plans can be taken to improve it. One action is launching discussions early by getting people involved hence inspiring a buy-in and emotional investment of the employee to the team’s goals (Johannesson, 2017). Keep the team members up to date to avoid delays and confusion and ensure transparency.


The group leaders paradigm can be described as a humanistic paradigm that celebrates personal freedom, self-actualization, and agency in all people. Team members are viewed as behaviors and skillsets to be managed, and the leader approached the team members as individuals aspiring to live fulfilling and meaningful lives (Laszlo, 2019). The leader believes that individuals deliver great results naturally when given autonomy, opportunity, and a supportive environment. The leader demonstrated confidence, trust, and respect for every team member. The fact that the leader can trust that people will perform effectively in their roles without being followed and directed around shows that he has confidence that the team members can achieve the required performance. The autonomy is given to the team members to make decisions on their own when it comes to their duties in terms of what to do at what time, how to do it, and when to accomplish it shows that he has complete trust. We are all capable of achieving the group goals, and it is clear that he respects each one of us and the contribution we make to the group. Our group leader gives us the autonomy to perform our duties, as he believes that we have a supportive environment to do so.

The leader has never, in any situation, demonstrated a paradigm shift. Since the start of the group project, the leader demonstrated a humanistic paradigm, it has been working out perfectly, and therefore there was no need to make a shift. A paradigm shift refers to a major change in the practices of how things are accomplished. In the group, there has not been any major change that could have required a change in concepts or practices.


Laszlo, C. (2019). Strengthening humanistic management. Humanistic Management Journal, 4(1), 85-94.

Johannesson, P. (2017). Organizational Alignment: Perceptions, Processes, and Strategy.

Jensen, U. T., Moynihan, D. P., & Salomonsen, H. H. (2018). Communicating the vision: How face?to?face dialogue facilitates transformational leadership. Public Administration Review, 78(3), 350-361.[supanova_question]