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Read the article, “Duck Dynasty”. Then respond to the 9 questions, be sure the follow the grading rubric to ensure that you earn the maximum number of points for each question.
Here are the 9 questions that go with the Duck Dynasty article.
1. What are three conclusions you take away from the article? Enumerate them (e.g. First, Second and Third). Do not summarize the article – these are your “take aways.”
2. Cite evidence from the article where Blow expresses that Robertson’s position as expressed by his comments below contribute to human suffering and/or social disorganization.
“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field. …They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’ — not a word! …Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”
3. Consider how this phenomenon, the denial of racism and the role of systematic racial discrimination in our social institutions (e.g., the justice system, public education, and the economy), contributes to human suffering and/or social disorganization today. You must identify a social institution in your answer.
4. Consider Blow’s discussion of Robertson’s comments and race relations historically. Which one social perspective best fits his approach and why?. Hint: There is only one correct answer. Think about the entire article when choosing the best perspective.
Functional Structural which addresses how the phenomenon contributes to social integration or stability,
Social Conflict which addresses how the phenomenon generates social conflict as one group endeavors to maintain power over the other,
or Symbolic Interaction which addresses how the phenomenon creates individuals’ reality through social interaction.
5. Does Blow believe Robertson’s insensitive comments can be described as a “personal trouble” (i.e., a perspective unique to Robertson and his personal life story) or a “social issue” (i.e., a widely shared perspective, the result of historical and/or social forces? Cite the two places in the article where he clearly states his position on this question.
6. Give at least two examples that Blow includes in the article, which contradict Robertson’s comments and/or make his position difficult to believe?
7. Consider the data presented in The Southern Divide chart at the end of the article.
Why do you think Blow included the chart and what jumps out at you?
Now pick a specific question; then, consider and discuss the difference between black and white respondents.
8. What is another question you could add to this survey?
9. Based on your consideration of this article, make two recommendations for future research, new laws, public policies or programs to educate people on this social phenomenon. To get credit, your recommendations must be concrete and specific. For example, “we need to have laws against racism” is far too vague.

Purpose: Rewrite one of your essays from Unit 3 or 4, enhancing your analysis with at least one additional

Purpose: Rewrite one of your essays from Unit 3 or 4, enhancing your analysis with at least one additional scholarly source. You will practice deep revision of a written assignment, one of the most important tasks in the writing process. Revision means that you will look at your original essay with a fresh perspective; this process will help you to look critically at your own writing.


Revise either your Unit 3 short story essay or Unit 4 drama essay, improving your existing essay using the graded rubric and the feedback from your instructor. Then, incorporate well-chosen quote(s) or paraphrase(s) from at least one additional scholarly source.
You can choose to incorporate sources that discuss the Resources on Psychoanalytic Criticism or Cultural and Gender-Focused Research Resources.
If you are revising your short story essay, a minimum of 1 scholarly source is required; if you are revising your drama paper, please add at least 1 well-chosen scholarly source in addition to the source(s) you used in your initial version of the paper
Closely review your paper, asking yourself the following questions to guide your revision:
Is your thesis statement (not obvious)? Does it clearly take a stance on a potentially debatable claim, and does it reflect what you will discuss in your paper?
Do the topic sentences in each body paragraph clearly support your thesis?
Have you integrated well-chosen quotes and ideas from scholarly sources that work to support your thesis?
Have you integrated your quoted material logically and grammatically into your text and elaborated on its significance?
Have you included appropriate MLA-formatted in-text citations and included a full citation for all sources in a Works Cited page at the end of the paper?
How does you conclusion work to demonstrate the significance of your overall argument and focus?
Be sure to maintain an appropriate academic tone (no slang, second-person [“you,” “we”], contractions, etc.)
Leave time to submit your draft to Free Tutoring at Tutor.com for review. Your tutor can help with thesis and content development, organization, grammar, and mechanics. Don’t forget that you can submit your draft to Tutor.com multiple times during the revision process!
Please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA formatting and style guide.
Submit your final paper in the Revised Essay dropbox (under “Assignments”). Remember, your instructor will be able to see your Turnitin results – both your similarity percentage and any phrases or language that appear elsewhere, either online or in TurnItIn’s database of prior student work, so ensure that your work is scrupulous in its citations and adheres to the standards of academic honesty. No secondary sources are needed or encouraged. Plagiarism, as always, will not be tolerated. Please ask if you have any questions about citation or academic honesty.

English Question

English Question English Assignment Help This assignment is to create a 500 word essay of one cybersecurity breaches that have occurred in 2021.
The essay needs to include the following:
1. A summary of the security breach
2. What type of breach occurred
3. How much the breach cost to correct such as; amount of Ransomeware paid; amount of effort in time to respond to the breach; amount of staff hired to handle the breach; bad publicity; lost business
4. References used for facts about the breach
Choose from one of the following breaches:
1. Colonial Pipeline
2. Buffalo Public Schools
3. Florida Water Supply
4. Kroger through Accellion
5. Facebook
6. Applus
7. Ireland’s Health Service Executive
9. AXA S.A. (South Asia)

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English – Rhetorical Knowledge

Write a problem solving article on a topic of interest to you or create a power point presentation on a community organization that you know of, or that you can investigate the problem and share some solutions to. Word count:300 words; standard APA format and style for essay.

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