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Education in Nursing Leadership

Please review instructions and grading rubric attached and follow discussion post.

In addition please find in the attachment resources used in our course. This is a full run down of overall course.
This course is leadership in education geared for nursing educators.

Select an article of interest to you pertaining to practical nursing

Select an article of interest to you pertaining to practical nursing or health care in a current nursing journal. Supplement this article with additional Internet research and write a report discussing the topic selected, why you selected the article, and your observations on the topic. You must footnote the article, author and sites reviewed.

improve with more references on the following questions

Nursing Assignment Help I have provided the document you will revise and add extra information to. The document is labeled REVISE THIS DOCUMENT.
This is for the State of Texas
Below is the initial discussion questions:
Discussion 1.2
As an advanced nursing professional, you should be aware of the rules

and Schizophrenia study Implementation evidence based proposal project

This is a ‘virtual’ discussion with your team mates. Regarding implementation of your evidence based proposal project, please
• Describe budget (narrative or table) – this does not have to be granular, but rather a high-level estimate on the key categories described in the presentation and using the example below. You can be creative and have fun with approximating the numbers… it is really just an exercise for you to consider all the factors at play and account for costs associated for proper planning/budgeting.
A Budget high-level example document is attached. Feel free to use own or example.
• Describe benefits
• Identify barriers
• Describe approaches to overcome barriers

In addition, I have attached a copy of our pre presentation a couple weeks ago on the state of science of our project relating to Evidence based practice proposal. Please use this attachment and references on last slide to help with producing. a budget. In addition this assignment order is #4 so it builds on #1-#3 which are attached to help. Thank you.

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