Dracula and Frankenstein You need to read appropriate passages in the two

Dracula and Frankenstein

You need to read appropriate passages in the two novels carefully.

Who wrote Dracula?

John Polidori b. Bram Stoker c. Mary Shelley d. Spark Notes

The novel’s Castle Dracula is in Romania. True or False?

The three vampire women in the castle are Dracula’s brides. True or False?

Why might Victorian readers regard Victor’s creation as an abomination?

Compare and contrast Lucy and Mina in terms of the New Woman.

Name 4 things vampires cannot do or abide, according to Van Helsing? And 4 things they can do that humans cannot do.

Give 3 ways in which Mary Shelley’s husband contributed to the making of her novel?

Renfield wounds Dr Seward with a knife because he wants to

escape b. drink his blood c. eat him d. steal his stethoscope

Why does Van Helsing draw the first circle of communion wafers around Mina?

a. to protect her from Dracula b. to protect her from creatures of the night c. to protect himself from her

Who is the ‘bloofer lady’ in Dracula?

Mina b. Lucy c. Quincy in drag d. Mrs Westenra[supanova_question]

NURS3340 Pathophysiology DISEASE PROCESS PAPER GUIDELINES Potential Points Select a specific disease

NURS3340 Pathophysiology


Potential Points

Select a specific disease topic based on an actual patient. Gather, read. 20

and cite a minimum of 5 recent scholarly articles, < 5 years, on the topic and

include in references list

Summarize Pathophysiology. 50

Name and description of disease

Risk factor(s) for disease


Presenting s/s and clinical manifestations

Physiological changes caused by the disease

Disease progression

Systemic changes (chronic major body systems affected by the disease)

Usual treatment for disease


Brief summary of secondary/concurrent disease

Significance of the problem


Related factors (demographic factors may include race/ethnicity,

age, gender, etc)

Formulate Nursing Process [ADPIE] . 50

Assessment, focal

Diagnoses, nursing (actual and complete; 2 physiological, 1 psychosocial)

Planning (significant patient expected outcomes/goals relevant to the problem)

Interventions (ADTR method, independent first-dependent last)

Evaluation (met, partially met, not met with evidence)

Adhere to Professionalism 30

• APA style and format: double-spaced, one-inch margins all-around

(12-point Times New Roman font or 11-point Arial font) (check APA

manual and clarify with Professor for APA course expectations)

• Up to 5 pages, excluding the title page and the references or


• Correct grammar, spelling and complete sentences are expected.

• Do not hand in paper with only quotes and paraphrases, or “cut and pasted” information from

other sources. To paraphrase is to summarize passages/rearrange order of sentences and

change words using synonyms

(Topic: choose between type 1 or type 2 diabetes)[supanova_question]

Distance Learning Activity: Critique the assigned course site according to the Seven

Distance Learning Activity:

Critique the assigned course site according to the Seven Principles identified by Chickering & Ehrmann. The seven principles are found at Chickering, A.W. & Ehrmann, S.C. (1996). Implementing the seven principles: Technology as Lever. AAHE Bulletin. The article can be found at the following link: http://www.tltgroup.org/programs/seven Retrieved August 17, 2021.

*Which of the Seven Principles of Distance Education does the site meet?

*Which of the Seven Principles of Distance Education does the site not meet?

*What, if anything, would you change in the course delivery/organization to better reflect the Seven Principles of Distance Education?

*Overall, how would you evaluate the course site from the perspective of the teacher, from the perspective of the learner, the organization of the course, and the “eye-appeal” of the course?

Document with evidence-based references as appropriate. Use APA format.

3pages apa format[supanova_question]

An excerpt from The Hidden Life: Darkness—with its numbness, loneliness, and shame—very

Writing Assignment Help An excerpt from The Hidden Life:

Darkness—with its numbness, loneliness, and shame—very often accompanies a deep spiritual journey and can be the means to the knowledge of both God and self. The freedom to love and be loved is often discovered in the darkness, so it is important to befriend it. We need to view it not as something bad or to be feared but rather as a time of not knowing, a time, not of doing and learning, but of being and unlearning.

If we will look upon this painful season not as the hand of an enemy trying to crush us but endeavor to see it as the hand of a loving God who is closer to us than our breath, leading us down to the ground of our being, our fearsome journey will finally open onto a great, wide plateau of love—a safe place—that abiding place within God. “For in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

To resist, ignore, or reject the hand of such a friendship is to be deaf to the Voice of Love calling us home, the Voice of the Beloved Who created us in love and longs to re-create us in mercy. By submitting to this time of crucifixion and allowing ourselves to be broken by it, we create an opening through which God’s love can pour in and illuminate our illusions, liberate us from attachments, and fulfill our heart’s desire to discover our true self hidden with Christ. [supanova_question]

Grading Rubric and Assignment Expectations Discussion Board: Basic information and etiquette regarding

Grading Rubric and Assignment Expectations

Discussion Board:

Basic information and etiquette regarding the use of online Discussion Board posts can be found in the syllabus. Additionally, it is also important to understand the purpose of a Discussion Board, which is to ensure students comprehend the covered material and can intelligently articulate their understanding when needed. When answering discussion board topics, unless otherwise specified, here are the bare minimum requirements of student posts.

Students are first required to make an original post in response to the Discussion Board topic. Original posts should be a minimum of 600 words (roughly one page of single spaced, typed text) and should be substantive in nature. Students are then required to post a minimum of two 100-word comments in response to other student posts. Said posts are judged on whether or not they contribute in a meaningful way toward the overall discussion. Hence, simply agreeing or disagreeing with someone else’s post, without providing an intelligent justification as to why, does not satisfy the responsive posting requirement.

Please Note: References are not counted toward the total discussion board word count.

In formulating both original and responsive posts, students should primarily discuss their own ideas. These ideas, of course, should be informed by material within the text, as well as other academic sources. Hence, when developing original posts, it is necessary that students cite (using APA format) at least three sources of information. (Please use both in-text citations and reference listings for each source.) The use of properly cited quotes within any post is perfectly acceptable; however, the use of excessive quotes may distract from the originality of your post and result in a lower overall grade. Plagiarism, of course, nets absolutely no grade at all.

Given the nature of online Discussion Boards, timely posts are necessary in order for the class to move forward as a whole. However, I understand that as graduate students, most people have lives beyond just their school work. As such, I reserve the right to allow students to make-up one missed original post (with a late penalty assessed). With this, it should be noted that as the rest of the class would have already moved on to the next topic, it is not possible to make-up responsive post points. Nonetheless, if students are in need of a make-up post, it is their responsibility to request permission from the instructor.

* Scroll down to see Grading Rubric Table Below

Discussion Board Grading Rubric (based on 50 possible points)

Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Below Expectations


Original Post

35 points (70%)

The post meets the required minimum standards, including word count and the use of at least three reference sources. The post fully addresses the topic(s). The post expresses original thought that substantially contributes to the online conversation in a meaningful way.

25 points (50%)

The post approximates the required minimum standards, but is still no less than 60 words below the minimum word count or uses less than two reference sources. The post expresses original thought that contributes to the online conversation.

15 points (30%)

The post is at least 120 words below the minimum word count or uses only one reference source. The post expresses original thought but provides only a cursory discussion of the topic(s).

5 points (10%)

The post is more than 180 words below the minimum word count or fails to use any academic resources to support its text. The post demonstrates little or no effort in substantially addressing the discussion topic(s).

Responsive Posts

10 points (20%)

Provides meaningful responses to at least two other original posts.

5 points (10%)

Provides superficial comments to at least two other original posts.

0 points (0%)

Does not reply to at least two other original posts.



5 points (10%)

The student clearly articulates his/her thoughts while adhering to proper grammar, sentence structure, and citation rules.

0 points (0%)

The student writes with incomplete sentences and/or fails to clearly articulate his/her thoughts. There are numerous errors with grammar, sentence structure, and/or citation rules.



PDFs included in the files are only there to help create the

PDFs included in the files are only there to help create the discussion post. They are not required to be used; however, they do contain a lot of useful information.

Discussion 1:

Due Date: Monday, 22 November, 2021

Included Files: Using AWS Lambda.PDF

Respond to another student’s post by implementing their function using a different input test configuration. Post the results in your reply to the student’s original post.

AWS Lambda functions are server-less functions allowing almost any application to be developed and tested in a variety of languages.

Using the test configuration options for Hello World within the Lambda Console, create your own Mathematical function Lambda function. For example, you could send in a circle radius and return the area of the circle (A = ? * R * R).

The number of equation of options are limitless. Be sure to use these constraints:

1. Use Python

2. Use Best Practices to isolate the handler from logic

3. Return the results as well as the input parameters

4. Use a Math function  that no one else has done yet.

5. Use at least 3 context properties or methods

6. Use the print() method to print some results to the CloudWatch Logs

In your write-up, be sure to describe your function and input as well as provide your specific test configuration and the results. Provide screen captures of your successful Lambda code executions.

Discussion 2:

Due Date: Monday, 22 November, 2021

Respond to at least one other student’s post with tips and additional information supporting their environment set-up.

To be able to experiment and implement security controls for the C or C++ programming language a test development environment needs to be created.

Many options exist including Visual Studio, GCC and other uses of Netbeans with the C plug-in.

Share the process and results you used to get your C environment up and running. Be sure to share screen captures of your environment in action.

Discussion 3:

Due Date: Monday, 06 December, 2021

Included Files: Azure Intro.PDF

After reading the Microsoft Azure introductory materials in the content area, you should quickly realize, Amazon is not the only game in town, in fact, Microsoft gains on Amazon each quarter in terms of sales and usage.

Select at least two products/services from Microsoft Azure and compare them with a similar AWS product/service.

Discussion 4:

Due Date: Monday, 06 December, 2021

Included Files: PCI_DSS_Overview_QRGv3_1.PDF, PCI_DSS_RSAP_v3-1.PDF, PCI_DSS_Glossary_v3-1.PDF

Respond to at least one other student’s post with additional information or tips that would enhance privacy and security for their situation.

After reading the PCI documentation this week, I suspect you have thought more than once about the security of the credit cards you own that you have trusted vendors to store in their systems.

Describe any concerns with vendors you have used (without specifically mentioning the vendor) and recommend approaches you may take to protect your privacy and credit in the future.

Be sure to reference specific controls found in the PCI standards making your case stronger.[supanova_question]