discussion history

Consider three political or social issues from the 1970s to present.
For each issue, explain
why it has been important
what change(s) have occurred
where we are now on this issue
Have we learned anything about the issues?
book: give me liberty: a modern history by Eric Foner sixth edition

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Summary Presentation

This is a summary for the reaading provided.
Need 500 words, and no plagiarism.
(The reading provided is Chapter 5 “Sloan enters society” of Sloan Rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors by David Farber).
I attached the reading if you do not have the book.

reflection 8

discussion history History Assignment Help One of the course themes and an issue in modern times has been the role of government. Today’s pandemic has made the importance of government seem more critical. Throughout our course we have seen how Progressives, New Dealers, civil rights leaders, and many others have argued that government must represent and protect the public interest. Some conservative groups have argued that government restrictions have a negative impact. More recent parties have portrayed government as a force for good/a force against freedoms. This past presidential election brought up these old debates, along with the issue of officials’ accountability to the people and the limits of executive power.
For our last reflection consider:
What have been modern U.S. government’s greatest successes (1900-present)? Choose a few examples and make your case.
Where did our government fail? (a few examples, etc.)
In your conclusion, what public concerns do you think our government should address in the near future?
Book: give me liberty: A modern history by Eric Foner sixth edition, please use the book resource not outside resource, thanks

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Integration and desegregation by Ralph Wiley

what you think about Wiley’s ideas. Some things I want you to address in your response are:
Do you agree with his assessment? Why? or why not?
Do you see, or have you experienced any of the things Wiley talks about? Explain.
How does Wiley’s thoughts align with your experience at an HBCU? https://cookman.instructure.com/courses/10194/files/1399468?verifier=gUrslFKNNLQCJs81YRJj1nan0C4UoIGgXTWN1gjD[supanova_question]