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Discussion Forum Unit 2

Choose any organization with a vision, mission, and/or goal statements. Describe all three and evaluate them using the “triple bottom line” or any other tools from this week’s textbook reading. Reformulate one of the statements based on your evaluation.

Be sure that you properly cite any resources using APA format.

Please first review the documents attached group report, Chapter 15 and

Please first review the documents attached group report, Chapter 15 and the research paper in order to modify the paper. Please follow the following steps:

1) Review the Commercial Environment part in the report and then in page 5 (THE CHOSEN COUNTRY), briefly state what is the best country between Rwanda and Tanzania to invest in and justify why.

2) Review The PPT attached for Mode of Entry and change the analysis in page #8 (Mode of entry) to reflect only (Collaborative or Non-Collaborative) mode of entry and justify why, no need for exports “500 words only”.

3) For Pages #9

Discussion – Motivation Essay

Business Assignment Help Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Part 1
Evaluate your personality self-assessments, as well as the things that motivate you the most.
Discuss the results of your Week 2 and Week 3 self-assessments and whether you agree or disagree with your results.
Part 2
After reading your classmates’ posts, find someone with a different personality style or someone who is motivated differently than you. Brainstorm ways you would work with this individual in order to be productive in the workplace.

Discussion Forum Unit 2

After reading “Traits and Skills Theories as the Nexus between Leadership and Expertise: Reality or Fallacy?” evaluate whether you believe leadership is more a behavior, a trait, or a skill. From the reading, select which research development from the past fifty years best explains your evaluation. In your replies to others, discuss how your view may be similar or different from theirs.

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