Discussion: could there be a pandemic Silver Lining for the hospitality industry?

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Write a 5 to 6 line paragraph discussing the topic in the Discussion. You must also give a reply of at least 3 sentences to another students topic. Your entries into this discussion must be thought out and meaningful. No small entries or statements like “I agree”. You must add to the conversation. ___________________________________________by: Kyle Goldman
Nov 22, 2021 at 5:17 PM
After reading this article, the topic “The Hospitality Trends We Choose not to embrace” stood out to me and got my attention. This section in the article talked about how there have been lots of challenges that have risen during the pandemic that have not been focused on and received the proper attention that they should. A few examples from the article include disregarding the rise of takeout and delivery, Not taking the technology aspect of our operations seriously enough, Not realizing the increasing number of dining occasions each individual business has to compete with, and ignoring how weak our compensation systems are. When working in the hospitality industry, its important to understand what the new normal is and be able to work with it.

3 mins ago