Directions: In a two paragraph response, complete the discussion question(s) as

In a two paragraph response, complete the discussion question(s) as directed. Additionally, respond to another student who may have a different viewpoint or idea than you. Compare and contrast your answers.

Read the following article;

Crime and Substance Abuse

Second, review the scenario below. Consider the above article, as well as information obtained in this module’s online lecture. Describe some of the items you would be searching for and the suspected crimes they item may be related to.

Scenario: You are assisting an investigator in your department who has drafted a search warrant for a motor vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and methamphetamine was discovered inside the vehicle. The driver was arrested and jailed on possession of a controlled substance. During the search, brown powder and syringes are located. You discover several, small plastic baggie corners torn off with a trace amount of an off-white substance. In addition, numerous items of unopen mail is discovered inside the glove compartment. The names on the mail do not match the driver’s name. You also locate several items of jewelry, garage door openers, small power tools, check stock (blank check paper), a crow bar, walkie-talkies, GPS units and cash. Numerous lottery scratch off (non-winners) are in the vehicle.

What do you suspect these items are associated with? Based on your suspicions, what else would you be looking for? What safety precautions would you take while searching this vehicle? (Explain what/why these items have a correlation to drug activity).

1. Alexis Morales
4 hours ago, at 2:24 PM
The suspect in my eyes is a habitual drug user. I have personally seen this kind of behavior and items growing up. The brown powder and syringes are most likely the remnants of left-over heroin. The baggies with torn off corners with an off-white substance is possibly heroin as well. Heroin can be a brown powder to an off-white powder considering the syringes I would feel safe assuming it is the same substance from a different dealer. The miscellaneous items are things the suspect feels he can trade for monetary gain or more drugs. This is another thing I have personally seen that’s common for people addicted to drugs. They will steal petty items that they can sell to a pawnshop or a fence on the street. They keep the items monetary value low as to not catch any charge higher than petty theft. This ensures if they are caught the sentence is low normally somewhere around 90days most times less. And the suspect can get back to chasing the addiction. The random mail in the glove box is most likely checks from people’s mailboxes the user could have a friend in a check cashing job that will cash the checks for him if he gets a cut of the profits. The jewelry is possibly going to a pawn shop or for direct trade to the dealer for more drugs. Fun fact drug addicts will sometimes give family jewelry as gifts to get back in good graces. garage door openers could be for repeated entry into other peoples houses a lot of people never notice one of these going missing or wont care too much about it letting this suspect repeatedly rob them. The power tools sell well on Craig’s list same with GPS although with phones nowadays this is not as valuable. The blank checks could be used to try to forge a signature to attempt to write themselves checks to buy more drugs. Addicts are persistent and will try anything and oddly enough it somehow works in their favor from what I have seen. The walkie talkies could be sold to some kids for five dollars this can get the addict a nickel bag. Other things to look for are secret compartments look for a broken ac vent that’s a common stash hiding spot. Check the side panels of doors a corner might be pulled out for another hiding spot, check under the mats in the trunk some model cars have a spare that could be hiding more drugs. Safety precautions gloves and adequate lighting addicts leave syringes around and other sharp objects. Do not stick your hands in places you cannot see as getting stuck could lead to HIV or other common diseases that come from sharing a needle like hepatitis c.

2. Daisy Chavez
4 hours ago, at 1:39 PM
The individuals in this vehicle are drug users and are stealing peoples mail and committing crimes to maintain their habit. It is obvious that they are not dealers because of the syringes and the smalls bags with corners torn off. If they are dealing, there only small-time dealers which are only dealing to get high. As for all the items in the car are likely the products of burglary because most drug users steal to support their habits by committing petty crimes (Pritchard, 2019). Which would include the mail in the vehicle and all tools, ect. I would continue to search the vehicle for other drugs and drug paraphernalia like bags or scales that could be indication of intent to distribute. I would also check each individuals for warrants or look into recent home robberies or car break-ins. Which would help with other possible charges. To make sure of my safety I would use a flashlight to be able to check the car probably but also gloves because if the syringes

Pritchard, John. 2019. “Crime and Substance Abuse.” Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health.

For the initial post, select a use of force video, then:

Summarize the facts of the video you selected.
Post a link to the video selected.
Discuss if you believe the force used by the law enforcement officer is justified or is not justified and why.
Defend your position from the Constitutional perspective.
Explain if you believe the force is excessive.
Provide what level of force should have been used and how you recognized the use of force continuum being used.
Provide an alternative method the officer could have used.
Or explain if you believe the force is justified and why.

For the reply posts, select two peers and address the following:

View the video your peers’ selected.
Explain whether you agree or disagree with their position.
Provide another alternative method the officer could have used.

Remember to provide constructive, insightful, and meaningful feedback to peers.

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar.

3. Houston Lasseter
11 minutes ago, at 5:55 PM NEW this is the video that i found on youtube.

It shows a man that has been acting violent towards the people working and shopping at this gas station, and the two officers go outside to confront him. As they get done talking the officer tells the man to put his hands behind his back, as he is being arrested for threats and tresspassing. The man starts to struggle and threats the officers by saying he will beat them up and kill them. The officers use empty-hand control to get the guy down and to safely arrest him

I believe that the officers used the correct amount of force to arrest the man and that they did it perfectly.

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Product Category on Budgeting

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Answer then following questions for both Study 1 and Study 2
1. What was the research question being studied?
2. What was the research method used?
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4. What was the independent variable?
5. What was the dependent variable?
6. What was/were the covariates?
7. What type of statistical analysis was conducted to analyze the results?
8. Why was the type of statistical analysis mentioned in question 7 chosen for this particular analysis?
9. Would you study this research question any other way? How?

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I have uploaded the instructions and two term paper examples. I

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agree with emersons notion with self reliance and if its still important and how did we use self reliance in america of 2020

7) Emerson is known for his repeated use of the phrase “trust thyself.” Every individual possesses a unique genius, Emerson argues, that can only be revealed when that individual has the courage to trust his or her own thoughts, attitudes, and inclinations against all public disapproval. He goes on to say that God has made each one of us unique and given each person a unique work to do. To trust one’s own thoughts and to put them into action is to hear and act on the voice of God. Do you agree or disagree with Emerson’s notion of Self-Reliance? Why or Why not? Is Self-Reliance still an important part of the American identity: why or why not? In a fully developed 5 paragraph explore Self-Reliance in 2020 America. (only quote from story “self reliance by emerson” )