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FYI: I already have an account created and half is already done. You just needs to login and make it look attractive by adding some more requirements: I’ll give you a login info once you are ready to take it.
portfolios are a source of showing ability above and beyond a list of experiences creating a much richer portrayal. We will continue the process of creating an electronic portfolio in this assessment by adding three projects to our Foliotek Identity Page. Consider your future goals and make sure that the projects (artifacts) selected highlight those skills that are especially applicable. Alternatively, you could start with the skills you want to showcase and then consider whether you have any artifacts that illustrate your abilities in those skills.
For example, consider your Applied Arts and Sciences concentrations; can you think of any artifacts that represent your abilities in those concentrations? What experiences do you have that set you apart from others? Consider whether you have any related artifacts that distinguish you.
Select at least 3 artifacts of your work to upload. Artifacts of work might be reports you did for work, PowerPoint presentations you prepared, papers you wrote for a class, Virtual Internship Certificates, etc. In my opinion, those projects that directly reflect the work in your field are the best choice. In other words, if you have samples from your “real world” work, please use those. You can view a list of example Artifacts here.
Be sure that you only upload items for which you are the creator/owner of the work. If it was done in collaboration with others, get their written permission before uploading something.
For the artifact you upload, provide a summary of its context (refer to the grading rubric).When and why was it done? With whom?
What core skills do you think this artifact illustrates? How does it demonstrate that you have those skills?

To Create Three Projects, follow these steps:
Once logged into (Links to an external site.), click the icon that resembles a suitcase for the “Projects” and then click “ Create Project.”
Select “Personal Project” and click “Go” to begin editing your project. Make sure to click the checkmark in the corner to save your work! Click here for more instructions on Creating Projects (Links to an external site.).
After you’ve completed creating your projects, add them to your ID page by clicking the human icon in the top menu, hover over “Projects” and click the pencil icon to add the projects. Click here to see how to add to Projects to the Identity Page (Links to an external site.).
Submit the link to the Identity Page (same link as you turned in for the Identity Page earlier this semester).

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