Create a project plan on how will remediate the consent order.

Create a project plan on how will remediate the consent order. Specify Executive Sponsors–resources [supanova_question]

power point presentation

This week, you’ll develop the PowerPoint portion of the course project, based on the draft of your paper and your research. Your PowerPoint presentation should have a title slide, and have at least 3 slides per cultural affiliation. Include graphics and photos to make the presentation engaging. Also, include voice or video component(s). Either add your voice narration to each slide, or record a video to present your slides.
Needs to be at least 12 pages and a title page. Any visiual used should have a refenrence in under them must be in APA format

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The Michigan State Police

Management Assignment Help Your plan should identify the issues that need to be transformed in the organization, the framework/model of the organization, the mission of the organization, your vision for the organization and the appropriate leadership styles and theories required to implement the change.

Additionally you should identify the goals, and the various components of the plan such as diversity management components, the managerial and leadership strategies required for plan implementation, necessary feedback mechanisms and if the framework of the organization will undergo a change what will the new framework become.Please see the rubric related to the final version of this assignment. Below is a list of some of the components needed in the plan.

• Provided an executive summary of your plan, You will do this component last, but it should come first in your final document.

• Identify within the plan the reason for the need for the change (diagnosis), the actors/stakeholders involved in the process, all partners needed in regards to collaboration, accountability issues.

• Identify core values (ethical) and mission statements of organization and appropriately integrate plan into said values.

• Timing and other mechanical needs addressed.

• Identify costs of the plan and its implementation.

• Clearly identified applicable leadership theories utilized to transform the organization.

• Differentiate between leadership and management roles in the plan.

• Identify and discuss the implementation of the diversity management components in plan.

• Provide information on feedback mechanisms.

• Responsible decision making is identified and applied to the plan.

• Sustainability and needs to sustain change are addressed.Two required sources out of the 8 are textbooks listed below:

Leadership: theory and practice 8th edition author: NorthhouseMetting the ethical challenges of leadership 6th edition author: criag e johnson[supanova_question]

Strategic Management

This is a group-based assignment.

I was asked to do 1 slide with 100 words supporting written explanation

The part I have to work on is: How will Redbull get there?

The different slides are presented on a doc enclosed , the main powerpoint slide is also enclosed.

I have tried to give as much info I could give but if you want further info please get in touch.[supanova_question]