Covid Vaccine

What factors enabled the unprecedentedly rapid development of the Covid-19 vaccine?
What does the Covid-19 vaccine case suggest about the role of public-private
partnerships in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of biomedical
In what ways can the Covid-19 vaccine program serve as a model for future innovations
in biomedical technology

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Please review Week 4 overview very carefully (The most important instructions Essay

Please review Week 4 overview very carefully (The most important instructions are at the end and follow instructions in the attachment “10 1 1 Journal (4) Assignment”. Please label each part. The sources will be for part one mainly. I will attach my “Journal 3” entry from the previous week as an example and to keep the same style. Thank you[supanova_question]

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Covid Vaccine Religion and Theology Assignment Help HS415-2: Illustrate the risk assessment and risk management process in relation to an environmental health problem.
Assignment 3 Instructions:
Create a brochure that informs local residents about the hazards at
either a National Priorities List (Superfund) site or sanitary landfill
in your community. The brochure should include the following:
Front matter with a title and byline
Inside and back panels:
Information about the site (location, previous use, current use, etc.)
Risk Assessment:
Site assessments and testing completed to determine contamination levels.
The hazardous agents present at the site.
The extent of the contamination at the site and where it has spread
to the surrounding community, if applicable (water, soil, air, etc.).
How the site has negatively impacted the environment and the health
of people in the surrounding community (if negative health effects have
not been reported, list the potential health effects based on the
matrices that have been contaminated and the hazardous agents that have
been identified).

Risk Management:
Identify the clean-up or containment measures that were taken.
Discuss how the site is continually monitored to prevent future
contamination and protect the health of the surrounding population.

Back matter with references and contact information for the local health or environmental department (city/county/state)

Your brochure needs to include at least three (3) references
Please review the Discussion Board Grading Rubric in the Course Resources.
Each Unit, you are required to post one (1) initial response and two
(2) replies to your peers and/or Professor. Your initial response should
be at least 150 words and contain a reference list for the sources used
to support your response; the word count minimum excludes the
references. The responses to others should be at least 75 words each.
Please be sure to cite all of your sources in APA format in accordance
with the Discussion Board Grading Rubric.
Topic: Environmental Hazards:Discussion Board
After reviewing the instructions for the Unit 3 Assignment and
choosing either a Superfund site or sanitary landfill in your community,
discuss the potential health risks local residents may experience in
relation to the site. What is being done to prevent human exposure to
these environmental hazards?
reply to peers:
Unit 3 – Justin Justin Roberts posted Nov 26, 2021 10:18 AM
chose a superfund site that is on the outskirts of my town. The
superfund site is a 100-acre area that used to be a zinc smelting
facility from 1906 till 1954 (, 2021). The slag that was stored
in piles on site contained lead and arsenic. The EPA secured the site in
2003 as nearby residential dirt had traces of the containments.
Currently the EPA states the site is under control for Human exposure
meaning that there is no unacceptable pathways for human exposure.
However, the groundwater migration aspect of the site is still
undetermined. The EPA established a remedy to excavate near the site and
at all residential dwellings and backfill. The potentially contaminated
dirt was disposed of in an EPA approved landfill. Any uncontaminated
dirt was placed inside the initial site that is fenced in and annual
inspections and testing is done to ensure the levels are adequate,
however the area is still ongoing investigations and the property of the
initial site is still off limits but residential dirt is no longer
contaminated. Potential health effects of arsenic can be pretty bad but
arsenic in small amounts usually leaves the body quickly. That is not
always the case however and depends on the level of exposure. Symptoms
can be vomiting, stomach pain, bloody diarrhea, or worse shock, seizure,
coma and death. It can cause cancer, circulatory issues, and skin
problems (University of Maine, n.d.). Children are also at risk with
lead in the soil as they play in the dirt or are exposed to the dirt.
The effects are a variety of issues including developmental issues
physically and mentally (, 1992).
Justin (1992). Impact of lead-contaminated soil on public health. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved November 26, 2021, from (2021). Superfund sites in reuse in Illinois. EPA. Retrieved November 26, 2021, from
University of Maine. (n.d.). Health effects of arsenic – arsenic – University of Maine. Arsenic. Retrieved November 26, 2021, from
Unit 3 Discussion Regina Sims
Hello class,
The superfund I chose to talk about got this unit is Armstrong World
Industries Superfund site. This superfund site is located in Macon,
Georgia. One potential health risk that residents can face is being
exposed to unsafe levels of contamination (2017). This results from not
having construction completed, still not having addressed contamination
issues, not having groundwater migration under control, etc. The United
States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for
protecting the health of citizens and the environment. They give out
things such as recovery plans and technical assistance to help improve
public health (2017).One thing being done by the EPA to prevent
human exposure is by informing people to not eat fish out of creeks or
downstream, they began negotiations with the Remedial Investigation to
define the nature and extent of the contamination (2017). They also take
samples of groundwater and different sediments in the water and use
those as apart of the investigation. Once the investigation is complete
they provide cleanup that provides long term human and environmental
health protection.
EPA. (2017, October 20). Armstrong World Industries Site Profile. EPA. Retrieved November 27, 2021, from[supanova_question]


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