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COVID-19 on The Future of Business in Terms of Leadership, Job Satisfaction. Job Motivation

Suggestions for the future (approx. 2 pages)
✓ Provide TWO concrete and practical suggestions (one for each OB aspect) that are tied to the analysis and research you presented, and that will help organizations to effectively manage the chosen trend in the future. Generate key initiatives to address problems and leverage strengths.

✓ Not only suggestions are expected to be realistic, but they also must be based on the core OB aspects learned in this course and discussed in your analysis.

The 2 OB aspects

1. Stress (relate to the model of stress)
2. Job Satisfaction (relate to the job characteristic model)

The theory models are at the end of the attached document. Answer the questions on top and then relate to the model theories in essay form.

Evan Thomas Video Essay

Topic: Reflection on Thomas Video

Evan Thomas, former editor at large for Newsweek, shares strategies for student writers to improve their writing with a specific focus on email. For this week’s journal entry, you will reflect on the advice Thomas provides.

Access the video. Respond to the checklist items.


Respond to the journal prompt using analysis and critical thinking in no fewer than 300 words using conventional English.
What two points in the Thomas video for this unit impress you as being most significant in guiding email communication? Why?

Social Control in Brazil

Business Assignment Help Hello, thank you for helping me out with this assignment. Below I have pasted the instructions that were given to me by my professor. The developing country that I have chosen is Brazil, but if there is a different developing country that would be easier for you to write about than feel free to use that instead. I have attached documents that will help you to better understand the assignment. Please refer to the lecture notes document on the five forces of social control when answering the first two parts of this essay. I have also attached a document containing lecture notes on the difference between rule by affiliation and rule of law which will help you to answer the third part of this essay. There is no requirement for the number of sources that must be cited, but please use no less than 6 reliable sources. Please use Chicago style footnotes and use the notes and bibliography system, NOT author-date format.
The link below will show you the correct format that my professor is looking for:

You must select a developing country to research for this assignment. You may not pick a developed country, and you may not pick China, Russia, or India. If you want to use the country on which you did your first essay you may, if it is a developing country. But you may also pick a different one, if that would be more interesting. Using the same one won’t save you time or effort, because the information you need is mostly different. You may not collaborate with anyone else. If two people HAPPEN to pick the same country, the essays had better not be the same. Your essay will go through, which means that we will know if two essays are too similar. So do your own research, and write your own essay.

Please write an approximately 1000 word well researched essay (remember: all footnotes to be in Chicago Style with full bibliographic information, NOT author-date….see syllabus) that includes the following:

1) The history of the “mix” of the Five Forces of Social Control in your chosen country, going back in your country’s history, so that you can give a nuanced picture of the development of the mix of those Five Forces.

2) The ACTUAL “mix” of the Five Forces of Social Control that controls the business environment now.

3 ) Your overall conclusion as to whether Rule by Affiliation or Rule of Law (in the sense explained in the Lecture Notes and the online sources referred to) is the dominant force in the country you chose, and the basis of your conclusion.

REMEMBER that your essay needs to be a Word .docx, not a pdf, not a zipped file. You do not need a bibliography because you are using Chicago-style footnotes, and you are footnoting every fact, every quote, every idea that you got from somewhere else.

REMEMBER THE THREE WORD RULE: If you are copying and pasting more than three words, you need quotation marks and a footnote!

PLEASE PLEASE go back and read all the Footnote Guidance in the various Announcements.

No introductions, please, except to identify the country you are writing about. This is BUSINESS writing….not “school writing”….. time is money in our culture, and introductions to a short memo waste time. It would be different if you were writing a thirty-page white paper….. or a sales presentation for customers….

These are all of the instructions that were given, please follow them closely. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. Thank you once again!

You are required to produce a 1500-word research proposal on a

You are required to produce a 1500-word research proposal on a key and relevant topic of your choice. The research proposal should consist of
• An Abstract which summarises the key elements of the proposal
• An Introduction which gives a background information on the project to be investigated with overall project aim(s), research question(s) and research objectives.
• The scope of the project and what work is to be done
• Justify why this project needs to be done
• Brief indicative literature review on the topic to be researched with relevant theoretical and conceptual models
• A methodology section-explaining the procedures for data collection
• A Gantt’s chart that illustrates the project duration and schedule
Persuade the reader that you are qualified for the work, have a plausible management plan and technical approach, and have the resources needed to complete the task within the stated time.

Completion of this assessment will address the following learning outcomes:
Assess and apply techniques and processes used to investigate an important strategic organisational issue or problem.
Propose and plan a research project.
Critically analyse a business problem using both practitioner ad academic material

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