Consider the planar kinematic chain shown in figure.

The purpose of this exercise is to determine the kinematics.
of the final effector (point P) using the concept of
transformation of rigid bodies in the plane
Deliver your solution either as a Jupyter/Colab notebook or as a pdf/image of the writing to the
hand on a sheet of notebook, whatever.
Be careful when choosing angles to define the rotation matrices. Remember you can check
if the calculations are correct comparing with the deduction by trigonometry of the kinematic chain.[supanova_question]

Engineering Question

1)300 words
This week’s reading introduced an overview of blockchain security. Create a new thread, and describe how you would go about ensuring the security of data stored on a public blockchain. Assume that your blockchain app is one that manages prescription drugs for individual patients. Considering each of the elements of the CIA triad, describe how you might protect the blockchain data security. Then think of three questions you’d like to ask other students and add these to the end of your thread. The questions should be taken from material you read or videos you watched from this week’s assigned activities. You’re not trying to test each other, but you are trying to start a discussion.
2)500 words
This week’s reading introduced an overview of blockchain security. Think of the sensitive data that your organization collects and handles. Would you be able to provide for the security of that data on a public blockchain? If so, what changes would you have to make to your software to support security on a public blockchain? If your organization doesn’t handle any sensitive data, describe a role that you may pursue in the future, and how that role may interact with sensitive data. Use that scenario to describe whether you would be able to provide for the security of that data on a public blockchain.

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Case Study

Consider the planar kinematic chain shown in figure. Engineering Assignment Help Factory Enterprises, Inc.
Factory Enterprises, Inc., makes automobile air conditioners for car dealer installation. The firm owns the patents and makes the product at a sizable markup. As a result, the 20-year-old company pays its private owners very well.
The enterprise shows growth in overseas sales at the very time that domestic market demand is exploding. This exhausting situation calls for total effort by all company personnel: 8 managers and supervisors, 30 factory workers, and 6 office employees.In addition to their regular duties, various people purchase materials and component parts. The production manager buys finned radiators and copper tubing. The shipping supervisor buys mounting assemblies, to which workers attach all of the component parts in the final process. The sales manager buys shipping cartons.You have just joined the company as the purchasing manager.Questions:1. Describe for the president the materials management concept. What would it do for the company and what would it do to the company?2. What action steps would you follow to install the material management concept if the president decides to adopt it?3. Explain how sales and purchasing can help each other by establishing a good relationship.4. European customers insist on ISO 9000 compliance. How should the company respond?Note:Responses should consist of an in-depth analysis, discussing long-range opportunities and consequences for actions taken by the company in question. Reference Chapter 10 (Supply Chain Management) for support information.
Answer the questions above in the form of a 3-4 page business letter to your company president (Mr. Foley). Your task is to convince and persuade Mr. Foley that you, the “new person” can improve upon the success he has already achieved by changing operational relationships, perhaps upsetting other managers, and investing capitol in programs that might not otherwise be considered. The letter should be single-spaced within paragraphs but with a single space between paragraphs – with a 12-point font.

Engineering Question

I need 6 pages summary for 4 pdf files. I need original work, no copy and paste. The font size has to be 12pt, and the line spacing is 1.0. Three of the pdf files are talking about Fabry-Perot sensor, and last one is about Universal Liquid Level Sensor. Files:
– Sensor-1, Sensor-2 and Sensor-3 are about Fabry-Perot sensor
– Sensor-4 is about Universal Liquid Level Sensor

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