Compare and/or contrast your life as it is today with your

Compare and/or contrast your life as it is today with your life 2 (or 5) years ago, or compare and/or contrast your family life as it is today with your family life 2 (or 5) years ago. Think of the purpose of this comparison/contrast and formulate a clearly defined thesis statement for this paper. Decide on points of comparison/contrast between NOW and THEN and make sure these points are consistent for both. A well-written interesting comparison paper for this topic would go in-depth and not dwell on the obvious.[supanova_question]

New Clothes” (1837) by the Danish author H.C. Andersen

Write a well-structured two paragraph reply to the following question:

Define and comment on the theme and the protagonist of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (1837) by the Danish author H.C. Andersen.

The two paragraph have to be connected and transition has to be smooth from one idea to the other.

Composition skills as well as language are 60% of your overall grade.[supanova_question]

I just need a re write for my second paragraph(first body

English Assignment Help I just need a re write for my second paragraph(first body paragraph). This paragraph needs to be a counter argument. I attached the entire paper so you have reference of the topic. This is the feedback I received from my professor.

This isn’t quite structured the way I’d like the counterargument to be structured.
1st part: show me the view that you disagree with. Maybe this view, that there is a rise in interracial couples, is a view that’s opposed to yours, but I can’t tell. The support for that view also isn’t clear. The support says people support interracial marriage. Couples and marriage aren’t the same, and supporting interracial unions and doing it (marrying) aren’t the same. I’d love support that shows there are more interracial marriages now than there were then or for you to compare apples (increase in support) to apples, not apples (increase in support) to oranges (increase in number of marriages). The end of the paragraph has to summarize the issue and what you agree with.[supanova_question]

Imagine that you are the host of a podcast. The main

Imagine that you are the host of a podcast. The main focus and style, including purpose and intended audience, of your podcast are totally of your own intentional choosing. For this journal you are first briefly explaining (3 sentences) these details about your podcast – give it a name!

1619 Project must be included!!!

Second (the main part of the journal), please create a meaningful conversation (up to 1.5 pages) of exchange between you, the podcast host, and Nikole Hannah-Jones, the creator of The 1619 Project. Which of the many aspects of GOOD TROUBLE does Hannah-Jones’ history most effectively or provocatively incite? Which ones would you like a listener of your podcast to learn about in this interview? Very likely, as host, you will be carefully constructing the questions you’d like to ask Hannah-Jones, but you might also offer her some provocative ideas of your own to invite her to engage with your views. Show a coherency – how the questions and responses are connected to a larger agenda you have for your podcast in general and this one, specifically. See below to get you started on these specifics.

This writing exercise asks that you bring Hannah-Jones to life – to think about her as a live human conscience and consciousness. What rhetorical choices of H-J would you like her to discuss in your podcast episode? What aspects of her research and its documentation would you like to learn more about to share with your audience? What aspects of her scholarship as a female Black journalist would you enjoy discussing with her? What details of her storytelling (content and podcast choices) would you like H-J to discuss? Compose your questions so that her answers are not “yes” and “no” but grant her room to explore her intended meaning, choices, and idealized effects/purpose. Be sure you’ve selected a very specific audience so that your questions as well as the language choices reflect your intent to connect with this audience in meaningful and memorable ways.

You do NOT need to cite or document sources for this journal, but at the end, please be sure to write this:

This imagined podcast is inspired by The 1619 Podcast and transcriipt, created by Nikole Hannah-Jones in [provide date]. It might be accessed – [provide the link]).

Give this episode of your podcast a title as well as indicate an appropriate date. If you like, indicate the music or other auditory effects that begin and end your podcast. Give careful thought to each line of dialogue, including the last line in which perhaps you indicate how you will extend this conversation into a second episode OR who might be joining Hannah-Jones on your next episode.