Communication Presentation

InstructionsThere is a lot of information here. I know it is a lot to digest. Don’t worry, as you will have several weeks to get the presentation ready.
You are to organize and deliver a 2-4 minute presentation on what you have learned in this class. You will turn in the presentation in the form of a video. You are required to present the information in a way that is clear, accurate and interesting.
In class discussions, we will talk about how to organize the presentation and how to deliver it effectively.
TopicThe good news is that you don’t actually have to do any outside research for this presentation. You will have to look over what you have learned in this class, think about it, and show that you understand how these topics apply to you.
The presentation should consist of 3 points:
Overall, what did you learn about yourself in this class?
Choose one of the following topics and talk about how it applies to you:ListeningIf you choose listening, talk about what your listening challenges are. For example, do you use a particular type of nonlistening? Have you had people close to you tell you you need to work on your listening skills?

DefensivenessIf you choose defensiveness, what type of defense mechanisms do you catch yourself using? Have people around you told you that you are defensive?

ConflictIf you choose Conflict, what conflict style (or styles) do you use in particular situations? How have people around you described your approach to conflict?

What do you need to change about yourself in order to be a more effective communicator?
OrganizationYou should organize the presentation in the following way:
I Introduction
A Attention Getter
B Social Significance
C Thesis and Preview
II Body
A What I learned About Myself
B Specific Topic and how it applies to me (Listening, Conflict or Defensiveness)
C What I need to change about myself to be a more effective communicator
III Conclusion
A Thesis and Review
B Brief Summary
C tie back to the attention Getter
PurposeThese are the main goals of this assignment:
You will take a more in-depth look at a some communication topics from this class and specifically how they apply to your own life.
You will learn something about your strengths and challenges as a communicator, and hopefully make a plan to improve.
You will also develop and practice your public speaking skills. Since this course meets the Oral Communication requirement for the California State University System, you are each required to complete at least one assignment that gives you the opportunity to do some public speaking. This presentation gives you that opportunity.


Nov 25th, 2021