Cited Interview Guide Growth and Development:

Create a cited interview guide (10-15 questions) that you will use to assess pertinent areas of physical, cognitive and social development of a person in the age group that you selected. (5 YEARS OLD)
a) Time: The interviews should last between 30-90 minutes based on what is
appropriate for the age, health and attention span of the informant.
Develop your guide accordingly.
b) The interview guide should be organized by the key themes of the life stage
that you are studying.
i) Because your assessments should be based on published theories,
while you are writing your guide cite what informs your plan,
ili) Questions: Read Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and
Implementation, Chapter 5, to learn how to develop your questions
for your structured or semi-structured interview.
(1) Be sure to consider pertinent contextual factors
(2) Avoid Yes/No
(3) Follow-up with probing questions to better understand
Use: Belsky, J. (2019) Experiencing the Lifespan. (5th Ed.). New York: Worth. and any outside peer reviewed sources for reference.

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