Canadian International Policy Critique

To this point, you have been presented with information concerning Canada’s
international role from the viewpoint of those who have been responsible for
shaping and implementing it, namely, the politicians and the officials who do their
bidding. Together they have constituted the several Governments of Canada over
the past decade or so.
We should not leave this topic, however, without considering the views of others
in this regard. The broad approach to foreign policy as well as its many specific
applications during this period have more often than not been matters which have
generated considerable controversy. Witness, for example, the current
differences between the present government and the opposition parties in
parliament over the situation in the Middle East where the latter believe the
government tilts too much in favour of Israel rather than taking a more balanced
position on the dispute with the Palestinians.

1. Give each of the following articles a close reading; that means, among other
things, that you need to take notes (major points only). ————-the articles are down———–
2. Compare and contrast the views of Gotlieb and Welsh in a short essay (250-
500 words)
3.Which of the two authors do you personally sympathize with more? Justify
your choice. Your statement and justification should be about 50 words in