Business Question

This assignment is worth 150 points and counts for 15% of your final grade. It will be graded for both content and writing (e.g., grammar). Minimum word count: 800 for content.
1) Choose a multinational corporation. Linkable list of multinational corporations: You may choose a company outside this list.  Include a link to the company’s page of corporate ethics policy or code of conduct. Do not choose the company’s corporate social responsibility policy/report.  Write a summary of the most salient information that describes the corporation’s ethical policy or code of conduct.i) Summarize and synthesize the salient policies. If they have listed a great number of policies, organize your summary based on common themes you can identify rather than explaining the policies one by one.ii) Use your own words. Be concise but not too concise (e.g., just listing the values). DO NOT COPY AND PASTE; PARAPHRASE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!
2) Describe and evaluate how this multinational company’s corporate ethical policies, values, and perspectives may differ across different cultural groups, or how this company’s corporate practices and ethic statement addresses cultural and legal issues that may vary across nations or cultural groups. Stay focused on this company’s policies; do not venture into culture differences in general or differences of this company versus other companies. Address specific policies and provide specific examples to support your claims.
3) Compare and contrast this multinational company’s corporate ethical policies, values, and perspectives versus your Professional Ethics Statement.  How are they similar or different? Based on this comparison would you be a good fit to work for this company? Why or why not?