Business Plan Business Name, BRT BRAND HOLDINGS Address, 012-13321 Riyadh E‐Mail [email protected]

Business Plan


Address, 012-13321 Riyadh

E‐Mail [email protected]

My business has not filed any paperwork to create any legal entity; therefore is under a sole proprietorship business structure. I chose this type of business for my start as it is the simplest form of business considering that I do not have employees yet. BRT BRAND HOLDINGS has an equity capital of $15,000, $10000 for assets, and $5000 for company liabilities.

BRT BRAND HOLDINGS Company deals with tangible products like furniture, electrical equipment, jewellery, among others. The company has a target to the geographic segment, which covers the market region. In five years, I want BRT BRAND HOLDINGS to be the number 1 supplier in the area. Satisfying my customers’ needs is my priority and ensuring that they receive the best service and top-quality equipment. The company is looking forward to providing short-term services, which include insurance services and household appliances. When it comes to long-term goals, the company is looking forward to increasing its total income by 15% in the next three years and increasing overall brand awareness. After analysing the market, my company has targeted customers of all ages who live in Riyadh, and they mostly like high-quality products.

BRT BRAND HOLDINGS has focused chiefly on its marketing strategies, development of products, product sales, and satisfactory customer service as its essential aspects for its growth. If the customers are satisfied, they will be glad to return the following day and even tell their friends about your services. Through such, they help you in marketing your business and growing your customer trust.

For every company or business, its target is to grow big every day, which helps curb external risks such as competition and market changes. With the long-term changes, the expansion will enable BRT BRAND HOLDINGS Company to get an impression of greater financial viability and reach more customers and markets.

Risk Assessment: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business.



Having strong employee attitudes

Failure to address the root cause of problems

Excellent customer service

Communication failure

Personal relationships with customers

Failure to monitor risks

Good leadership in product innovation

The growth rate has been slow but steady, marking a 15% growth per year in five years. At the end of the year, the company has recorded assets value of $47000 and company liabilities worth $21500. In every business, we must note that there must be competitors. For my company to outdo the competitors, it has ensured that it provides the best services to its customers to make sure they will come back again and again. Additionally, the management has confirmed that it offers high-quality products to its customers all the time. The company expects a cost of around $2000 to cover electricity, water, waste, and infrastructure bills.

Currently, the company is dealing with furniture, electrical equipment, and jewellery, among others, and presently having one employee but looking forward to employing more and more as it grows. We are planning to build a prominent business structure that will accommodate employee offices and open retail facilities in different areas.

BRT BRAND HOLDINGS provides unique services to its customers, which gives us the advantage to run the market as we are looking to more growth and expansion to other areas. Significantly the company of reasonable control of its finance as well as sole risk-bearing.


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