bisporus tyrosinase based enzyme as a model system to investigate enzyme catalysed reactions and enzyme inhibitor complexes.

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Mendel studied the structural traits of his plants. However, humans display behavioral traits in addition to simple physical traits. Research continues to attempt to provide evidence that behavioral traits can be inherited. Choose one behavioral trait, or a trait that is associated with behavior, from the following: addiction, intelligence, schizophrenia, homosexuality, “warrior genes”, or altruism. Provide current research on the heritability of such behavioral genes, and please use APA format in your reference(s).[supanova_question]

please read the lab rubric and the lab instructions, answer the

Biology Assignment Help please read the lab rubric and the lab instructions, answer the questions at the bottom of the instructions. use the dataset attached to complete the lab. be sure to upload excel and the word document containing the questions. thank you[supanova_question]

Visual Stream Precepts Essay

(60% of your grade) Imagine you are a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the people that brought you the internet and then some)-sponsored scientist who wants to “write-in” visual percepts in a (monkey) subject’s brain, by directly stimulating neurons along the ventral visual stream (this is not total sci-fi, but was actually the goal of the Neovision program a few years ago, and is being actively pursued by a number of groups). How would you go about inducing the percept of, say, my face, by stimulating a) cells in the retina (which cells to stimulate? why? how?), b) cells in inferotemporal cortex (which ones? why? how?)?Use your knowledge of neurons’ receptive fields, preferred stimuli/features/objects at the different stages of the pathway, and anatomy. Provided information available from readings (files attached).
(40%) in the lecture, linked below, I provided some examples of how computational neuroscience can be used to inform approaches to augment cognitive function. What ethical issues do you see arising from this work?